The Nightclub Diaries Chapter 2- Cast of Clowns (Characters)

     After awhile, when we started getting really busy, they hired another lady to bartend with me. Untill I got to know her I was pretty intimidated.  Picture a 6 foot tall gorgeous, half asain woman.  Jana, was her name and she and I would become friends.  I like her take no shit attitude and we got along fairly quickly.  Nick loved to make remarks about a sandwich, us being the bread and him being the sausage.  Nudge, nudge, wink wink. ( Nicks Place was not a politically correct environment.)

    Cocktail waitresses came and went pretty fast, and only a few were memorable. 

    The bouncers were hilarious.  Most were really into body building and it seemed most of the time that they shared one brain between them.  Most of them were good looking so they were never short of dates, even the ones who had steady girlfriends.  (shhhhh....)  One of my favorites was Ace.  We had also gone to high school together, he was a couple years younger than me, a student in the art class I was the teachers aide.   Nice guy, laid back surfer dude attitude, imagine my surprise a few years before when I discovered he was a stripper.  (!)  Let me set the scene for you.  One of my best friends, Lori, also a bartender , worked at "The After Dark" our local gay bar.   She'd convinced me to come down one night when there were male exotic dancers, not because of the dancers, she said the real show would be the audience and it would be a hoot!  My boyfriend at the time insisted on coming too, I guess not realizing I would be quite safe as all the men were interested 'in each other'!  And further more,  after working in a different place that had strippers, I was pretty sure they were all gay too.  So we find ourselves in a crowded, smoky bar.  Music pumping, surrounding a stage where an incredibly tanned and muscled man gyrates suggestively to the music, slowly peeling  back layers of clothes, occasionally pulling someone out of the audience, rolling his sweaty body against theirs, thrilling the audience who all wished it was them.   All except one.  Me, and well, maybe my boyfriend, who was pressed up against me like mayonaise on bread where we stood near the stage.  He was desperate not to lean, or be leaned upon by other customers as they were all leaning on each other.  I swear, he thinks everbody wants him. When the second dancer came out, Miguel, my gay friend was in awe and a bit drooly.   Six foot two and packed, he looked like a Nordic God.  He looked familiar but the bar was dim and dry ice swirled in a sweaty fog around us.  He danced around in a tool belt and when they said his name, his stripper name, "ACE HARDWARE" , I realized it was the same sweet boy I'd gone d to school with.....half naked....with a tool belt.....looking gorgeous.  I wispered to my boyfriend Micheal and my freind Miguel , "I know him!"  "Shut up! Shut Up!" Miguel said with glee and not a little envy.  I said, "Well, I think I do from highschool, but its so dark in here, I'm not positive."   As Ace Hardware danced around the edge of the stage coming closer , closer, suddenly Miguel pries Micheal off my back where he's been hanging on like and tick, and pushes me forward, catching Ace's interest who of course pulls me onstage!  I am horrified!!  I do not like to be the center of attention, and now everyone in the place has their eyes on me and a half naked stud that has a hold on my hand.  I peer at his face as he dances around me, shaking what I shall refer to as his 'Money Maker" at me, and I tentatively say, "Ace?"  He almost stopes dancing and happilly says , "Tami!!"  I mumble somehting about not knowing he was gay and he says he's not, its just a job, but really good money.  He gets to surf all day and dance all night.  I smile at him and tell him if he touches me in the places the other dancer touched his victim, I will have to kill him.  Ace was a sweetheart, realizing I was uncomfortable, he lets me go with a wink and a see you later.  My boyfriend, happy to have me back, resumes his postion of using me as the human shield.   Later on my way back from the bathroom, I bump in to Ace, who is now, thankfully, fully clothed.  We talk for a bit , like old friends and catch up our lives , until my territorial boyfriend comes to collect me, really pissed to find me talking to Mr. Tall, Blond, and Handsome. 

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