The Nightmare that is Teething

Emily has an official tooth. It is tiny, but it is through the gum and oh, so very sharp. It has taken forever. Now, the gum on the other side is swollen and white so she will have another chomper shortly. She refuses to let me see it and screams when I clean it and her gums. I suppose they are quite sore because she has always enjoyed me cleaning her gums and mouth. She likes the training toothpaste. It's banana flavored and basically you can feed her anything as long as it tastes like a banana. 
She really is a trooper. She's not uber fussy, just perhaps a bit more clingy than normal and she has a slight temperature here and there. I'm not one to put her down when I get home anyways, so her clinginess doesn't really bother me. Unless I'm trying to pee. Her grandmothers may feel differently about the clingy baby they are stuck with all day but they don't complain. Her stools are also more frequent and looser. She usually saves her "masterpieces" for when we all get home so she can do them in the privacy of her jumperoo and her parents can clean her up, but for the past week or so she has ruined both grandmothers. This is actually the worst part of the teething experience because she gets grumpy and miserable until she goes. Her daddy says she is morose. 
She is also extremely tired exhausted. Possibly because she isn't sleeping quite as well. Her naps are often interrupted by bad dreams, but really it is probably teething pain. She wakes up crying at night as well, whimpering like a puppy dog. It makes me so sad. She usually sleeps all night, without any interruptions, so this night waking stinks hardcore for us both. Sometimes the binky is sufficient to get her comforted and back to sleep but more often than not she wants another bottle and a full belly to feel comfortable enough to drift back off to sleepy land.  She basically sleeps every time she gets in the car seat and then fights sleeping, as per usual, at nap time and bed time. She wants to be awake and she wants to play but she is really just exhausted from all the masterpieces and nightmares. 
I'm considering buying her an amber teething necklace but I'm not sure about the safety of it or if it will really actually work. And I'm almost 100% positive my husband will laugh at me for believing it may work and call it voodoo, and then chastise me for spending money on it. 

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