Night's Ecstasy

  Having HIM next to me, I listen to his breathing, a calm pattern, he's drifting off to sleep. I begin to feel this spark ignited deep within, as though if I clentched tight enough I could orgasim. Taking it upon myself I do so, I clentch tight, tighter, purposefully building up the anticipation. I reach over, starting at his chest, I slowly walk my fingers down, grazing his caramel skin, taking in his smell, imagining whats to come, I continue further down. I pass over HIM and latch onto him upper thigh. So muscular, and thick. I pause here and for a moment massage his thigh. I hear his breathing patteren change. I fully turn towards him, kissing his neck, taking in his smell, so intoxicating. His moans tickle my nipples. I nibble at his neck, as I move my hand further up until I have his balls in a full grasp. I gently massage them, using my index finger to stroke his taint. He groans, and begins 

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