Nina Bhatti

Formerly Principal Scientist of HP Labs

Nina Bhatti is currently the founder of a mobile technology start-up in stealth mode. She has held a number of positions at HP, both on the research side of innovation as well as the product side of innovation. She was recently the program manager for a new HP cloud product, responsible for the planning, engineering and launch. She is a technologist who is as interested in “what to build” as “how to build it.” Her unique talent is being able to engage with customers, users, and designers to build new products and technologies.

While at HP Labs, she led efforts to directly engage with some of HP’s largest customers to collaborate on new products and services. She has led research on imaging applications, network application performance, web servers, streaming media servers, video conferencing systems, and multimedia interaction tools. At Nokia Ventures Organization, Nina was a senior investigator for next-generation mobile devices.

Nina holds a PhD and MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Arizona and a BA in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley. Additionally, she has published more than 40 different papers and has filed 35 technology patents. She is an active speaker in the area of innovation and women in technology.