The #1 Secret to Living Like Successful People Do

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What is the secret that successful people have that you’d love to know?  How did they grow from maybe nothing or very little to where they are now?  Is it possible you can do the same? 

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Well; you decide.

That’s what I did to buy my first home, get my college degrees and become self-employed; to name a few.  With each accomplishment, each time, I approached it as being about my choices and my life.  It had nothing to do with anyone else.

Change your mindset from dreaming and truly live.

If you stay in the mindset of only dreaming what it would be like to reach your goals, you’ll always find a reason why you can’t do something.  By the time you finish with all the “what ifs," you will have talked yourself out of truly living a more successful life.

It’s time to act, have faith and make some adjustments.

All the “what ifs” do is keep your life fixed and on hold.  You give up and lose the faith needed to believe in yourself and your own actions.  If you can’t have faith and believe you can put a plan into action, you will remove any chance of making the necessary adjustments from a dream state of mind to reality. 

Believe in you!

Make the necessary adjustments to switch from a mindset of “what if” to “why not you?”

You can begin to transform your life.

I’ve always believed that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I never approach anything expecting it to happen overnight, yet I know it will happen.  Most change takes time.

Believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.  It’s the tiny, baby steps you should look forward to as you watch the transformation of something new, big and positive in your life begin to happen.     


First, write down a list of everything in your life that you want to change.  Yes!  Everything!   

Now, write down all your “what ifs.”  Remember: "What ifs" are not necessarily negative. 

  • What if I could get my college degree?
  • What if I could afford to purchase my own home?
  • What if I did have enough money to become self-employed?

Include every single thing you’ve ever wished for; everything from education to relationships to employment, health, home, money.  Make it a huge list.  Make it a small list.  It’s your list.  It’s your choice.  

Write it all down.  But, try making the adjustment of “what if” to “why not?” 

  • Why not make my college degree happen?
  • Why not look into owning my own home?
  • Why not start a business so I can be my own boss?

Have a Why?

Next; beside each item on your list, write down everything in your life that would change if that came to be.  Write down how different you would feel.  List how differently conversations you have would become.  How would this affect your confidence?

What is the effect on the confidence other people have in you?

The reason for making the list, for adding even more mental pictures to each entry, is because the second part helps with bringing you into the whole idea.

To know what to change is one part of it.  But, what can actually motivate you to make that change is the emotional reason the change is so important.

By themselves, all of your “what ifs” are just questions. When you add the “what if” to the “why not” you can see how it’s such an important change.  For example, now the “why not” becomes, I could earn the kind of money I want to make, I could become self-employed, I could take time off whenever I want to without having to clear it with anyone … Now, the drive to make the change happen magnifies tremendously.

Some of the change was a bit scary.  But, that’s when I became even more determined to keep at it.  It was working.  I could see my vision transforming from inward to an outward reality.

What to List First?

Choose one thing from your list to focus on that’s going to create a change in your life.  It may be something that will completely change your entire life from as it is right now, or it may be something small.  That’s your choice.

Decide what action you’ll be taking right now that will produce change in your life.  Remember it’s the tiny but consistent steps that, in the long term, lead to big change.


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