No Bake Healthy PROTEIN Snack Balls

No Bake PROTEIN BALLS...a perfect treat!

 A couple of years ago I found a few different recipes on Pinterest for protein balls and healthy treat balls. Through the years, I've tweaked the recipes and created recipes that my family and I like.  Here is a very simple recipe and one of our favorites.  Protein balls can be customized and changed in so many different ways. I will include different ideas below the recipe.

 No Bake PROTEIN Balls
3 cups old fashioned 100% OATS [I don't like quick oats, but they will work too.]
1/2 cup BRAN
1/2 cup FLAXSEED
1 scoop PROTEIN powder [you could use dry milk powder as a substitute]
1 cup HONEY [I use raw honey from the bees at my parent's house. Any sweetener will do.]

First, mix all your dry ingredients.

Next, add your honey. I like to warm the honey so it is more of a liquid form. It helps mix and combine all the ingredients together.

Then, you will roll them into balls and let them sit on wax paper or parchment paper.  As the honey becomes more solid, the balls will hold together tighter. At first, the balls might crumble a little, but give the honey time to thicken. I like to use a mini ice cream scoop. Then, I don't get all sticky and all my balls are the same size. *This recipe will make approx. 40 protein balls. I freeze them and enjoy them as quick morning treat if I'm going to exercise before breakfast...or I love them as my afternoon snack. My family LOVES them too. By freezing them, they last us a little longer...we kind of forget about them. :-)

 Dry Ingredients
After honey is all mixed in.
Other DRY ingredient IDEAS:
chia seeds
chocolate chips
carob chips
carob powder

Other WET ingredient IDEAS:
peanut butter
almond butter

***If you add more dry ingredients, then you'll need to add more wet ingredients.*** 
I like to make my own peanut butter with my VitaMix. It cuts out the oils and the preservatives and makes it healthier. Sometimes, I will use 1/2 cup raw honey and 1/2 cup homemade peanut butter or 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce. 

During the Fall, I used pumpkin and added pumpkin spice to my dry ingredients. Chocolate chips are always yummy...just be careful, it adds more sugar and calories. :-)

I like carob chips, I feel they are a healthier option and for me, they taste the same as chocolate chips.

If there is ever an ingredient you can't find at your local grocery store...use Amazon!  :-)  I LOVE Amazon!!! I'm not a huge fan of shopping. There are many other things I enjoy, but shopping isn't one of them. Amazon really saves me!

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