No blogger left behind? On MumsNet's new Black and Minority Ethnic categorisation

Black blogger and childDid you catch Swazi Rodgers' excellent post for MumsNet?

‘Why MumsNet Bloggers need a BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) category

It's an interesting read and the category touted as a ‘significant step forward’.

But is it?

I agree with Swazi, it is important for children (and adults) to see themselves represented in walks of life, and something I have touched upon myself in the deplorable lack of ethnic representation in UK TV and other media. (‘You can have any colour you like, as long as it’s not black.’) However, I would offer that such integration in a blogging world context should be smooth and seamless. That to be forcibly represented by virtue of having a separate holding pen is of itself counter-intuitive.

This is especially true where there is a belief BME blogging is somehow different or inferior to regular blogging. Further, is it a triumph to win representation and integration by setting ourselves apart? I’m not sure and with no easy answers.

That said, kudos to Swazi and MumsNet for having the balls to tackle the debate, albeit no real engagement will come of it. En masse, there is a gun-shyness around the issue of blogging ethnicity and where comfort levels on the subject cannot possibly improve if it is not sensibly debated like any other incendiary topic in our blogging world. (Those in it for tedious drama can and should be filtered out of such a debate.)

So, were the MumsNet listing to stop at just another category listing - in much the same way Dad, Single Parent, Expat can be a useful filter when looking for like-minded bloggers to follow - I’m in.

So where’s the harm, it worked for the blogging Dads cohort after all?

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