No common sense what so ever

So, the evening is about to come to a close and guess who calls my significant other. The crazy bi-polar dead beat mother who has no clue as to how to raise her child and this proves it yet again. She apparently misplaced her child at the circus today. A 4 year old, how does one loose a 4 year old 2 floors down. Then, she calls my future husband unsure of what to do becuase she feels the child was lured by the clown. Yet another ploy to get him on the phone because she secretly regrets ruining their marriage and hopes to get back in his bed. I only say this because of what my fiance said she tried to do when he was with his ex-gf. She tried to seduce him back into her bed and admitted that she thought about him all the time.

Well, i hate to rant like this but this is my medium to put things out there into the great cyber space and let it go. So, here goes, to add to the dimwits list of inadequacies, she calls in the mornings always right around the time that she knows her son is on his way out to school, why, because she doesn't want to speak to him, she wants to speak to her ex. The woman sure as hell doesn't know much about anything. She looses sight of her 4 year old and with 2 adults and 4 kids, you each take two and watch them like hawks especially at the circus. I never let my kids hands go when we we're in a large area full of people, common sense....duh! Secondly, she calls her ex to ask what she should do..OMFG...You suspect inappropriate behavior on the part of a clown with a child, you CALL THE COPS....not sit there and mull over if she should or shouldn't then ask a man who isn't even the father of her daughter what she should do, don't you have a fiance? Then, she calls to ask him this morning how long should she keep hummus in the fridge for. WTH, is he your USDA health inspector on the spot now? EVERYONE knows the general rule of thumb when it comes to left overs...3 days and OUT!. Hell, if you are so addle brained that you DO NOT know, don't you have internet? GOOGLE the flipping question and TADA, you have an answer. Man, this woman really doesn't have a clue as to which end is up and which end is down. This, people, is a woman who calls him up when she has her son for her visitation weekends and her son is coughing and she has not a clue what to do about it, honest to goodness. Ummm, cough=cough drops or cough medicine, not the ER like last time. Hate to see what would happen if he had allergies and was sneezing, CALL THE CDC!!!.

Well folks, thanks for allowing me to vent....Some people just don't know when to do anything.


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