No Ego Tonight!

Dear All:
They say, I'm like Jack Kerouac set loose in the Long Island suburb of Amityville which can be entertaining and exhausting for friends and family to watch. I don’t know though.


No Ego Tonight is the story of my ADD racing mind and my white collar up bringing that fueled an unstoppable ego. My ego served a purpose though; it navigated me through my families inevitable chaos, it bonded me in kindergarten to free spirited friends I've never really met before or after, it got me a job abroad with no expertise or talent at all, and placed me warmly in the arms of my now husband, Todd.


 My ego is not useful when I am trying to be a loving and grateful wife or mother or person. This ego of mine, can make me look like a reactive wife (oh that again), a mother who struggles with being present  Mommy look ! Come play with me! And it can make me look very petty in social circles around town, right?.


 With so much bliss --what is the point of our negative behaviors associated with self importance  that brings unhappiness or losing emotional control, even for just a second? I don’t think so! I invite you tonight for a refreshing glass of happy without over serving your ego. Think you can do it? Hope so.


Take it from me, an ego maniac who survived the great adventure, who had to get over myself from the inside out to find- peace, love and motherhood, whose mind is still ADD crazy racing madness.


Cheers to it all!

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