No Fools Allowed

So since I am apparently all about the least amount of effort for the greatest amount of gain, the easiest thing for me to do to fix all of this nonsense and wasting of time is to admit I need to go to bed earlier, and then just do it. When my husband was alive, I used to absolutely yearn for sleep and think of ways to get more of it. And now here I am with the opportunity to decide when and how much I sleep, and I am not handling it very well. Good golly Miss Molly, you'd think at 54 I'd have enough sense to turn off the light at a decent hour and just go to sleep. Aaand as my mother says, "That's what you get for thinking".

And there we have it. I have decided that I am tired of being sleepy, and I am making a deal with myself that I am going to quit being foolish and go to sleep. And be thankful that because God is up all night anyway, there's no sense in me staying awake and thinking of things because He is handling them all. I don't have children who have gone astray, all of my cares have been cast on Jesus, He is my provider and He really doesn't want us to be fools. So I am going to quit. And go to sleep.

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