No Junk Shall Pass These Lips

For one day only (today) I am trying to again eat only healthy wholesome foods.   This morning, I announced with pride to my daughter that so far I have only eaten healthy foods and then I looked at the clock and realized it was only 8:30.  

The reason for it happening today is not really anything virtuous or noble or full of great resolve.  It's mainly because the huge monster sized portions of paleo cake with peanut butter butter cream frosting I ate yesterday afternoon wreaked havoc on my digestive system.  Havoc - the kind that I'm still feeling today, which makes it easier to give my system a break.

I have, however, had cravings for the cake up on our counter and my mind has begun its quest into the cabinets looking for something sweet, but so far, so good.  I had sweet potatoes and duck eggs for breakfast.  I had some slices of meat for lunch with carrots, fermented carrots, almonds and raisins.  If I have crazy food desires in the afternoon, I have leftover spaghetti squash and arugula with a nice duck sauce to cover it.   Only good foods are entering this body today.

And hopefully that will help end this ridiculous obsession over chocolate that I've had for two or three weeks (three weeks - two just sounded better).

Tomorrow will be a challenge and the day after and I'm still not completely committed to the future process, but I can see I'm on the right track.  I'm kind of like a dog (or a cat) and when you call it, you see it pretending it's not really on board to come over so it stops and sniffs and checks out things, but ultimately makes its way to you.  That's me - hopefully on board with this eating well thing, but not ready to show any type of eager committment.

I did go to yoga last night.  It was a different instructor.  I missed the normal person.  I woke up with some aches, but also some pains in trouble areas.  It could have been the yoga, but most likely it was my chocolate cake binge that triggered some extra inflammation.  Thus, I did not do Jillian this morning, but I still have this afternoon to get my act together.  Twenty minutes of exercise is all I have to do.  I will.

And I'll meditate again too.  I haven't been the past few days and I've felt my snarkiness come bubbling up.  I'm pretty sure this meditation thing does good stuff - just hard to put my finger on exactly what it is that draws me back to it.

So onto the rest of the day with lips that will not touch Milk Chocolate Chili Chocolate bars or peanut butter frosting or Sees lollipops or any other delightful things that may cross my path.


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