No Kids on Christmas this year? 3 Fun Things to do as a Couple

I know I count myself among the lucky ones who have their kids for Christmas this year, so who am I to talk? Even as our children woke up this morning, excited to see their grandparents, eat a special meal and open their presents, I thought of the years we’ve woken up without them, and that this is a reality for many of our readers today.

My hope and prayer is that you all have plans to celebrate with your children other days this week, and that today you can enjoy being a couple and doing something sweet and romantic. The key is to celebrate your alone time instead of suffering without the kids.

A few ideas for things to do today:

*Cuddle on the living room floor. Lay a big blanket on the floor (in front of the fireplace if you have one!) and arrange some big fluffy pillows on it to make you cozy. Uncork a bottle of wine and relax with your honey, drinking wine and talking about your best memories of 2012.

*Take a photo walk. Go for a long walk–just the two of you, and maybe your dog if you have one–all bundled up if you live in a cold climate. Bring your camera and take photos of each other, the two of you together, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. If you’re like most of us, you have tons of photos of your kids, but not many of yourselves. The pictures you take on your photo walk will mark the good memory of your time alone together.

*Go out for Chinese. Sometimes being holed up at home without the kids on a holiday can be depressing. If that’s true for you, head over to your favorite Chinese haunt and have a feast. Getting out will do you good, and you’ll be surprised how many people are at the restaurant.


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