No Matter How Bad Life Looks, There Is Always A Reason To Be Thankful

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Some days I complain and hump and grump … like, a lot. I wish things were different. I wish people were different. I wish I was different.  But today, I have consciously decided to be the change I want to see in the world. And for starters, I can (and will) be thankful. 

I am thankful for these 10 things - at a glance (think about 10 of your own as you read mine):

  • I am breathing, so that means I have life and generally ok health.
  • I am able to taste, hear, see, touch and smell so my senses are working (well, except for when Nate thinks I am getting a little hard of hearing but that has to do with perspective – his – as well as selective listening – mine).
  • I can walk, run when being chased by a dog if I really have to move it, and work out at the gym without using a cane or a wheelchair.  Read more


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