No More Monsters!

I'm excited to write about a product that is available to help parents dispel any fear of monsters with their children! The Monster Proof Paint concept was created and developed by a relative, so that makes it even more exciting to share with you.

I don't know why, but for some reason the idea of monsters hiding in closets or lingering under beds has been around for a very long time. I know this, because as a child, I too wondered about their existence. And so, as most kids do, whenever the thoughts or dreams got the best of me, I would run to my parents' room and jump into their bed. My Mom would never insist that I return to my room, but would let me fall asleep with them. Eventually my Dad would carry me back to my own bed, where I'd wake in the morning and seldom even remember that I'd run to them the night before.

Now my cousin's daughter and son-in-law have three young children of their own.  On their website they wrote about their experience. They were "on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because their kids would not sleep through the night. Each night was the same thing over and over again, the kids got scared," and would end up sleeping in their bed!

One morning while riding the train to work in a sleep deprived state, the idea of Monster Proof Paint was formed. Now it is being sold on Amazon and in several stores across the United States.

What is it, you ask? The unique kit includes a special color label to place on any paint can. This "transforms" ordinary paint into Monster Proof Paint. But that's not all: included in the kit is the monster thwarting, non toxic, powder. As your children help you mix their own paint, they will feel involved in the process of getting rid of any monsters or creepy creatures that may be lurking in their room. The kit is completed by a beautifully illustrated storybook that you can read with your children, to explain the whole concept to them with words and pictures they will understand.

The whole idea is to paint your kid's room and get rid of any fears of monsters forever!

Reviews of the Monster Proof Paint kit are coming in. You can read all about the product and the reviews on the MONSTER PROOF website (click on the highlighted text).

Check it out and order your kit today. Paint the kid's room. Start enjoying full nights of uninterrupted sleep again! And then get ready, because before you know it, the teenage years will be here. What will my cousins think of to dispel the PARENT'S fears then? I can't wait to find out!