No Need for Mommy Wars

When you became a mom, did you have any idea how many people already knew how to raise your children better than you?  Were you prepared for them to so willingly share their advice?  Did you realize that the people with the best parenting advice are the ones that don't have kids?

 If you're like me, you sure as hell weren't prepared for the "mom light" as I call it.  The "mom light" is on you from the moment sperm meets egg.  From then on, your every move is suddenly spotlighted and evaluated.  People question your parenting choices - you're pregnant, should you be eating that?  Are you really letting your child go there?  OMG, you're letting your baby cry it out?!?  How did "mom knows best" become a popular saying with all of the people that apparently know better? 

Well, mom does know best, and my vision is for all moms to feel confident in that.  My mission is to empower moms who visit In the Mom Light to make the best possible decisions for their family.  I feel that every mom makes slightly different parenting choices because each family must balance their personal beliefs and situation with the latest and greatest information available to us given where science and applied knowledge stands today (read: the best advice today can be proven wrong tomorrow).  

You can't control what the critics say, believe, or do, but you can control how it affects you.  When you're confident in your choices, you won't feel like you have to defend them and you won’t care as much what other people think about them.

I wonder if all moms were confident in their parenting decisions, would we even have these so called "mommy wars?"


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