No New Clothes for One Year...I Did It!

The following is the ending of an article I wrote about my Lifeline Mission trip to Haiti...

How did a ten day mission trip to Haiti change my life?   This trip opened my eyes to the need in our world.  I kept pondering how I take so much for granted.  I appreciate living in the United States and even though we have some problems, I know our government takes care of their people.  We are governed by laws that give us the right to a good education which gives us the ability to live productive lives. 

I wanted to be reminded daily of the Haitians and their plight so I decided I would not buy any clothes for one year.  At first my family did not think I could go without making a purchase, (I really didn’t know if I could either) but as the weeks and then months went by it became evident that I was very committed to this endeavor. My wants are definitely not my needs and if the Haitians can survive on so little then surely I can survive on a lot less.  I came home with a more intense desire to live my life without stuff.

....I did not purchase any clothes for one year.  WOW! What freedom.  I threw away every catalogue as soon as I got it and I never went window shopping with friends.  The only time I went shopping was for my son and that took maybe 15 minutes!  I had to be creative when putting together outfits and actually use all the clothes in my closet.  You know how it is when you have too many clothes that you forget what you do have.  It was a wonderful feeling to know I could be frugal and use that money to help others.

Today I went shopping for a couple of T-shirts and shorts, which were on sale, yet I felt like I was splurging.  My mom would be proud...she only buys things on I am like that.


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