No New Year’s Intentions: Why 2011 did not start for me until Wednesday Jan 5th

Did you try to make great plans for 2011 during those first few days of the year?  Did they fall flat?  Did you just want to crawl away from the list once it was made? 

You were in touch with natural rhythms and can now use them to your advantage for the year.
As a Vedic astrologer, I live my life by the cycles and rhythms of the Moon, seasons and personal circadian rhythms for the least amount of effort with the greatest effect. 

It just so happens that this year, New Year’s occurred just before a Solar Eclipse on January 4th, 2011.
Between New Years day and January 4th, the Moon was actually getting darker or waning and reflecting less light onto the world.  A solar eclipse blocks the creative force of living sunlight.

This was not a time to be setting New Year’s resolutions.  Our minds and bodies were tired, we needed more sleep but still might have stayed up late anyway.
After Tuesday morning, January 4th the Moon began waxing and growing in light.  By Wednesday and this last Friday, clarity and hope had begun to evolve.  I noticed so many blog posts about NOT making intentions or cancelling intentions after they were made. 
Intentions and commitments are an important part of thriving. 
So, for me New Year’s began on Wednesday January 5th and this second week of January is a beautiful week of clarity and hope.  Can you feel it? I am so happy to be developing my new web sites, writing about what I love and and posting my Free calendars.

And yes, I am setting my intentions for the year now.  You can always start your intentions new again, with the new knowledge that these goals are being made with the full light of your consciousness.  Plant your seeds now.  Share with the community what your new intentions are and let's support each other with this renewed energy.

So, enjoy the waxing Moon toward Chinese New Year and try setting some intentions now that will find fertile ground.

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