No Ordinary Blog Conference: News From BlogHer bet!

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There’s always something you can count on at every BlogHer conference: No matter what the subject, the energy is palpable and the women here are ready to share stories and get inspired.

BlogHer bet 2011

BlogHer|bet is where 100 women in business, entrepreneurism and tech are coming together with 50 top executives in those respective fields for mentoring, learning and networking. It’s an event like no other.

Here’s what the energy has been like so far:

“Such cool, smart, socially minded women who want to make a difference in the world. It’s no fluff and a lot of fun! I’m learning a ton. -@wingtipit

BlogHer bet 2011

“So stoked to be here with such a powerhouse of smart and accomplished women.” -@debontherocks

“Amazing panels at #blogherbet. So good! More people should be in the online conference -- huge value for not-so-much money.” -@lauriewrites

BlogHer bet 2011

“My mentor just shook my world. Absorbing her comments and coming out stronger with my business.” -@dimperio11

"It's amazing. I was intimidated at first but my mentor was very personable. Probably best conference (I’ve) been to." -@LidiaAnain

BlogHer bet 2011

“Game changing day, man.” -@Cecilyk

“Swimming in rockstar entrepreneurial women at #blogherbet - this is SO my element.” -@RPGoldenberg

BlogHer bet 2011

“Best investment I could have made in myself.” -@indoorboys

For live tweets coming out of BlogHer|bet, search #blogherbet on Twitter. You can also follow the BlogHer|bet Virtual Conference!