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We've been doing a lot of reflecting about blogging, what it means to us, where we started, where we are now, and the everything in between during our Selfiebration. But do you know what we haven't discussed? Or reflected on? Or shown each other?

Our selfies.

Like, literally. Your selfie.


I remember taking selfies in the pre-digital days. You know, with film cameras and no idea of knowing whether or not your arm stretched just far enough or if your faces fit in frame or if the people were in focus or instead the pine tree in the background. Those were epic selfie days, full of wonder and amazement as you stood just off the register at the one-hour photo place, flipping through memories and laughing at the mistakes, rejoicing when you ended up with a great picture of you and your best friend.

Like this one of me and my best friend in college.

Nowadays, we have it easy. Whether you're using your phone with a reverse-facing camera or a DSLR with a tripod and a remote, taking selfies has never been easier. Even kids know how to take selfies.

Take for example my children just this morning when I told them what I was writing about today. "Can we take selfies too?" Yes, yes my children, you may.

Oh Dear

Side Note: If you need 30 minutes to write a piece, send your kids away with your phone and instruct them to take selfies.

Some selfies are artistic, like this one I snapped while writing at the lake the other day.

Writing at the Lake... alone

Some selfies are silly.

The boys thought it was hilarious I was squished between their booster seats.

Some show us with the people we love.

A recent date night

Some show our passions or our hobbies or our goals.

I run. A lot.

Some tell a story.

I participated in the semi-colon project

Some don't. Some are just our smiling faces, put out for the world to see.

Sometimes you want to document a good hair day, you know?

There's been backlash against selfies over the past couple of years. People want to call it narcissism. I call that bunk. I love your selfies. I love seeing your face today, your hairstyle, what you're wearing. I love seeing you with your kids, with your partner, with your grandma, with your dog. I love seeing you do something that you love, or try something for the first time. I love seeing you in black and white, in color, with or without a filter. I love seeing YOU because, as I've said before, you are real friends.

And so today I ask you to show us your selfie. No, really. Show us your selfie. A real one, a funny one, one that tells a story, a new one, an old one, whatever selfie you want to show us today, I want to see it. I want to see YOU. Either drop a photo in the comments below or write a post in your own space and leave the link in the Linky.

I can't wait to see YOU!


BlogHer Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop and Blog.


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