"No really, why are you single?"


I've been dating a guy for the past several months and this is like the 100th time he has asked the question (well, maybe not 100 but it damn sure feels like it)

"No really, why are you single?"

My response....."cause I am"

I have been single for the past three years and I really haven't been all that bothered by it.  Why?  Welp I'm still dating, which can be enjoyable for the most part, and I haven't found the one that would make me let my guard down enough to invite them into my private space.  The other person will either say or do something that will make me go "Oh no"  and I back off.

Example...I'm dating someone who is quite chivalrous.  I love it but at the same time, it gets on my nerves. We will go somewhere and I open my door outta habit because I'm used to it.  He felt the need to bring this up over dinner and I gave him major side-eye along with an explanation. "While I understand where your coming from, you need to understand that I'm used to doing things for myself so just don't be shocked when I open a door, pull out my chair and pray over my food without you".  He looked annoyed, I was annoyed, we made it thru dinner but not before he said "I see why your single, you don't appreciate a good man"  Wow really.

That statement started a argument.  Needless to say, he's done.

Being single does not make me damaged goods.  Being single doesn't mean that I cant appreciate a"good man". Being single means I haven't found the one that I wanna connect with on a regular basis, at least not yet.  When did being single become a bad thing?  If a lot more folks took the time to actually be single for longer than a minute, we might not have so many divorces. Folks being scared to be alone like life would come to a end.

Trust me....its really ok

Would I like to have a regular date, a special sweetie, of course.  But in the meantime, I enjoying my life, friends, dating, my grand kids and getting the hell outta town as much as possible LOL.

Tell me, do you think being single is the end of the world?  Why or why not.




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