No Reservations

This morning I was thinking about Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” and how perfectly named it is with its double meaning. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend you catch up on the episodes. Anthony Bourdain is a perfectly snarky, inquisitive, brave and daring chef who travels around the world eating and learning about the food of different cultures. Whether he’s eating an eyeball or pizza there’s always an element of surprise and even sometimes danger. It’s fascinating and inspiring. And he’s funny… like really, really funny.

But back to the name: No Reservations. Obviously the first meaning being the obvious in not having to make reservations to eat in these places but a second meaning that means much more to me lately. Having no reservations (doubts) about what he is doing. He forges ahead into the unknown no matter the consequences (his poor stomach)!

I could use with a little more of that brave, daring go-get-’em attitude. I’m delving head first into all of these things that I’m incredibly passionate about and at the same time I’m so afraid to mess it up. I’m the first person to encourage people to chase their dreams and seem like the last one in line to chase my own.

For now that means writing the blog and trying to get this photography company launched. So we'll see how that all goes!

That said I’m a believer that if you do what you’re meant to do it will work in your favor and I feel like I’m really meant to be writing and taking pictures. I want to tell people’s stories and share the world with everyone. So I’m starting small and hoping it goes somewhere and honestly even that first small baby step scares the ever loving crap out of me.

What dreams are you chasing today?

Kit Mackie

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