No Reservations Needed: A Poem Honoring a Great Friendship

Do you have a friend that you love and who you know loves you and supports you?  Here is my personal ode to friendship and all the wonderful friends who make my life rich. Share this poem with a friend, post your own ode to friendship in the comments below and call that special friend and let her know how much she means to you.

No Reservations Needed

I love you my friend

You are the one that I call when I am feeling lonely

You will always get my jokes

When I want someone to be excited for me, I call you

When I want support, I call you

You keep me centered

You make my marriage work

You tell me that I am a good mother with conviction and make me believe

You make me smile when I would prefer to cry

You make me laugh when I would prefer anger

I am naked but never exposed

No reservations are needed with you

You make everything within me smile

© Autherine

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