No reviews Monday or Tuesday(Update--Or Wednesday)

So I have crunched the numbers and looked at the different views for the reviews that I have posted and I have decided to do reviews of the more popular shows. So I will be reviewing New Girl on Tuesday, Wednesday will be The Middle and Modern Family (I will start the Modern Family review this week for the first time which I anticipate will be popular) Also starting Wednesday I will try out a review for American Horror Story to see what kind of views that gets. Thursday will be Glee (comes back in November) and I will debut a review of Vampire Diaires as well as continue The Office. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be free days and will possibly be days that I do other reviews that I didn't get to or new reviews (maybe movie reviews).

Now today (Monday) and tomorrow will not have any reviews. The second Presidental debate is tomorrow so New Girl is not on so my reviews will resume on Wednesday.


Update--I won't be able to do reviews today (Wednesday) due to a family emergency. I am going to say good-bye to my grandfather.

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