My Favorite Mistakes: Language Acquisition & Barfing Dogs

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I love watching kids learn to speak. Eliza is just starting to form words, and Liv is starting to use more developed phrases and concepts. It's fun to have two kids in two different stages, and it helps me remember how impressive language acquisition really is.

It's complicated though, and some of my favorite mistakes Liv has made lately are pretty funny.

First of all, if you ask Liv what noise a dog makes, she says "doggies barf."

If you don't ask her, but you happen to be Liv's favorite neighbor, walking slightly ahead of us down the hallway while a dog yaps from behind another neighbor's door, you might hear "Dat dog, he barfin'. He barfs a lot. My doggie is Oscar. He my buddy. He barfs too. A lot."

Our neighbor, a sweet older lady who loves our kids, now thinks our dog has chronic stomach issues.

Liv has also started talking about seasons, weather, and the days of the week. Every time we walk outside, she comments on whether it's sunny or cloudy. If it's sunny, she says "Mom! Yook! De sun is shining. It's Sunday!"


Perhaps we should have been more considerate when we named the days of the week.

I try to explain that no, today is Tuesday, or whatever day it happens to be. She doesn't really get it. I don't blame her.

Today she walked outside and said "Mom! De sun is not out. It's cowdy (cloudy). And de wind is blowing. It's windsday!"

I started to say, "Yes! Yes it is Wednesday!" But then I realized she meant like, wind, not like, "wednes-". See? Days of the week are difficult.

Now, if Oscar barfs on a Windsday or a sunny Tuesday, we're all going to need a cup of warm milk a nap before lunch.


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