No Stress Spring Break for Single Moms

Spring Break is days away and if you don’t have a family trip planned the sights and sounds in your household are going to be reminiscent of summer. "Mom what are we doing? Then what? and then?!! You know what I'm talking about. As a busy single mom you are going to need to find ways to keep young ones occupied for a solid 10 days.  Here are a few tips for fun daylong activities.

1. Got a pool, lake or waterpark nearby? There is nothing that children love more than a wet and wild day.  If you’re like those of us in California and there are pools a plenty, head for the nearby waterpark. If it’s still a bit nippy outside search for a local indoor pool. Nearby lakes and rivers often have fun watercrafts you can rent by the hour.  Is last year’s swimsuit threadbare? Don’t want to embarrass your kids in an ill-fitting suit. Then check out Fluid Swimwear. You send them your measurements, pick the design and style you want from their website and they send you tailor-made swimwear.

2. Have a reading contest. Many kids don’t like to even try pleasure reading because it reminds them too much of school. But many of the new tablets make reading entertaining, interactive and fun. They help sound out words, define words and many of them contain elements allowing your child to use their creativity. Check out th Amazon Editor's picks for spring reading. They have suggestions for kids of all ages. Reading on the go..Not a problem. I love the new Lumia 2520. It’s got great features for you and your kids. Challenge your kids to finish as many books as they can during the break and reward them with a trip to Yogurtland or Ben & Jerry’s.

3. Have your own cooking class. Spend the day preparing a kid friendly meal in the kitchen. Don’t worry about the mess just let your kids get creative. Have them prepare a five-course meal. When you are all done with the fresh fruits and veggies store them in Fruit Huggers. They are this cool new invention that literally wraps around your produce preserving and protecting for days longer than nasty old grocery bags.  Of course, don’t forget to bake up a luscious chocolatey dessert! The best times with my daughter are when we’re working together baking cupcakes.  Extend the fun and visit a craft or baking store before you get started. Kids can get lost in the aisles picking out all the necessary piping bags, cake decorations and sprinkles.

4. If  you need the night off, find yourself a qualified babysitter at It’s a free cooperative village created to manage, schedule and trade babysitting with family and friends. You also have the option to connect with local paid sitters through the site’s Trustworthy Ties. Babysitting Barter guarantees sitters the opportunity to make more money than any other babysitting service due to the site’s virtual economy.

5. No matter what you plan for your kids to do on spring break be sure to leave a space for your me-time. You might want to treat yourself to a warm bath, a nice long walk on your own or treat yourself to a Zeel 
in-home massage. That way you don’t need to call the babysitter.  You can schedule at the last minute. The therapists are fully vetted, licensed and insured and available between 8 am and 10:30 pm, seven days a week.

Whatever activity you choose to do, be sure to check out the free single mom giveaways. Go to andbe the first to sign up and win. Have you got a great spring break activity? Please share or tweet me @kerrizane.


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