No Water Pistols in Florida?

You may have heard a bit about the wacky Florida "Stand Your Ground Law," that lets you shoot if you feel threatened, even if you're paranoid. This law gives you a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" before you even have an arrest or trial, much less jail time. There's another one that tops it.

Florida has a law that prohibits local governments from enacting gun laws, much less enforcing them. In addition to penalizing cities or counties that try to regulate them, individual elected officials can be removed from office and suffer large fines, and cannot use the services of city or county attorneys to defend them. Take that, you elected official, we can clean your clock for the way you vote.

Add to this wild west mix the fact that the Republican National Convention meets in Tampa this summer. Protesters and counter-protesters are expected from all over. Since real guns can't be regulated, Tampa will prohibit water pistols, slingshots, sticks, string (!) longer than 6 inches, plus a disgusting list of things that might be found in containers. Don't you know someone will try to smuggle in a water pistol disguised as a real one? A stick disguised as an AK47? I am not making this up, as Dave Barry would say. Only in Florida.

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