No worries, no spoilers...HP 7 Part 2 and Mommy's First Night Out!

Last night, as all of America knows, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened in theaters.  The husband and I have been Harry Potter fans from the start.  Together we own 3.5 sets of the books (we have one set that we own just to lend to others, hence the .5 status of one!).  In fact, the very first gift I gave the husband was a copy of Book 4 to replace his missing one.  

Call us nerds if you want, but we did manage to restrain ourselves from drawing lightning bolts on our foreheads with my eyeliner.  Brian had been talking up this premiere even before we had Evie, even before baby girl was a thought on our horizon. 

When we got pregnant and realized when the premiere was, Brian couldn't hide his disappointment.  "Maybe we'll still get to go," he kept telling me.  But I knew we wouldn't.  It would be only a few weeks after the baby was born, there's no way we'd be able to leave her.  Or want to.

But Evie girl is six weeks old tomorrow.  Now I know that isn't very old, but six weeks is sort of a long time.  It has been six weeks since I've done anything for myself and six weeks since I've been away from Evie for more than a couple of hours.  Husband thought I needed some time for fun, baby free fun.

So he bought us tickets.  The plan was to go to the 10pm show (since Evie would already be asleep anyway) to a theater less than five minutes from our house, and grab a drink at a bar after the show (also less than five minutes away).  My mom was going to watch Evie (well watch the baby monitor anyway).  If anything went awry, my mom was instructed to text and call me immediately.  Then the plan would fizzle and we would be back home in five minutes to scoop up baby girl.  Knowing we could be home so quickly was supposed to be reassuring to us.  We've had meltdowns with baby girl longer than five minutes before we've been able to calm her down.  Mammy (my mom) could handle it.  She did raise four children of her own after all!

So we went.  The movie was excellent.  Don't worry, I won't ruin it for anyone.  I won't even talk about it.  I will only say this, GO SEE IT! :)  You'll be happy you did, even despite the couple of discrepancies from the book.  Wait, I promised not to talk about it!  And I really won't!  Just go! :)

The movie ended and there was no text or missed call from my mother. We were operating on a strict "No news is good news," policy.  Good news, great!!!  

But something happened to me.  Throughout the movie, I kept checking my phone.  I moved it out of my clutch and into my hand.  I gripped it the entire movie, fearful that I might drop it or miss its vibration because of the loud theater.  Nothing happened, but I only 95% enjoyed myself.  That other 5% felt like a terrible, rotten person.  "You left a six week old baby at home so you could go out!" A voice inside my head kept screaming at me.

I made it to the parking lot before I burst into tears.  Brian understood completely, and tried to assure me that I did nothing wrong.  Being the saint that he is, he didn't push me to go for the drink.  We went home.

We got home to my mom on the couch, monitor faithfully 2 inches from her ear.  "Not a peep," she reported.  

We rehashed the movie together over the hum of the baby monitor, instead of the rumblings of the bar.  Baby girl slept a dreamy 7.5 hours last night.  We got up together at quarter to five and she nursed for a long wonderful time in my arms.  What an awesome feeling it is to be home.  

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