No Worrying instead I am embracing life and joy. It can be done!

Most of the time I really don't worry but sometimes I just feel that old habit slipping back. I find myself feeling those nagging, run away negative thoughts that I can't seem to control. Stop I say to my run away locomotive mind; trying to pull it back to the station. Enough I inwardly shout, you are better than this, you know it will all work out, no fear, no judgement, all we be fine, that is the way of your life. Enough, relax, feel the wonderful peace flowing over you, feel how beautiful life is, how you have all that you want,  all you put out there. Tell yourself all is right in your world. All is exactly as it should be.

How powerful we are when we control our lives, when we can just let all that we don't want go.  I know it sounds easy but ask yourself what is making you so unhappy or bring all the unnecessary drama into to your life.  Is it those around you or is it you.  I think you know the answer.  It is so true that we can only control how we react or handle what shows up in our lives.  Facing life with out worry and negativity changes the whole fabric of our life.  We go from our life being like a rough raw itchy cotton to a smooth luxurious silk with out doing anything but changing our attitude.

Maybe you have a someone in your life like my friend Cassie.  Cassie is a fun loving high energy person that is a wonderful friend, mother and wife.  Everyone loves her!  She has a great family, job, husband, all that you can want in life.  So why does she bring all this drama and worry to her life over every minor bump with her or her family.  She just breaks down into an emotional mess, thinking that the worst case scenario is going to happen.  She is like an emotional volcano erupting full force over everything or anything without regard to the real severity of the situation. Whether it is a minor or a major hiccup, each gets the full force of Cassie's emotional fire.  She does not discriminate or hold back all. Poor Cassie she doesn't realize that she is missing all the beauty and good in her life by focusing and worrying, creating drama where she should be celebrating joy! 

Let me suggest simply no worrying at all!  Just be!  After all worrying is a useless emotion that with all the negativity it brings suffocates joy and beauty before you even are aware that you were not present and lost something wonderful!  Gone!

How do I keep worrying and negativity at bay. I have a simple routine; Each morning so I stay on track I start my day by focusing on how I am going to embrace my day, feel all the joy that shows up, let nothing stop me from a excellent day. . I control how I face my day not the other way around.  By knowing that I control my reactions and emotions has made all the difference; freeing up major energy that I  wasted on worry and negativity. Energy that I now have in excess to fuel my happiness and success in my life! Give it a try, see the difference just changing how you react changes everything!


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