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I'm guessing that everyone who is reading this is aware that there is such a thing as women's basketball, and I'd like to think that everyone reading this (in the US anyway) is aware of the WNBA.

I'm also guessing that not many of us actually watch any WNBA games. I myself am guilty of this. In fact, I didn't even realize until today that game one of the WNBA finals is tonight. (You can see it on ESPN2).

Did you know that there is even an official WNBA Finals Blog? Did you know that it was written by a man?

I don't mean to judge - from what I have read Matt Wurst is doing a good job. I just wonder where the women sports writers are? Are they all sideline reporters for professional mens sports?

Don't get me wrong, I have found several blogs with women (and in some cases women and men) writing about women's basketball, there is just something that is sitting funny with me about a man writing the blog for the WNBA.

Do you think that I am being gender biased?

While you are thinking about that you can also check out some great Playoff Player Blogs written by the actual athletes:
Lisa Leslie
Yolanda Griffith
Katie Douglas
Cheryl Ford
Betty Lennox
Sheryl Swoopes

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