Angelina plays Marianne Pearl in upcoming biopic

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I've been wanting to post about this for awhile but was recently reminded to do so from Rachel's Tavern's piece titled, "Erasing Black Heroes by Making them White."

Over at the Coca Lounge there is an intersting thread about Angelina Jolie decision to play the wife of the murdered Journalist, Daniel Pearl in a movie adapted from Pearl's memoir. The hitch? Marianne is biracial.

For some juicy bits on the subject, you gotta love the Brits. Check out the thread at FemaleFirst for the down-low.

I'm a bit tired of giving my opinion today, but if you are looking for a good one,Sokari at has an interesting take on it:

Having had a taste of colonisation, Brangelina are now extending their appropriation of Blackness one step further as Jolie will play the role of Mariane Pearl in a movie produced by Mr Pitt. Mariane Pearl who is of Afro Cuban/Dutch heritage, is the widow of journalist Daniel Pearl who was murdered in Pakistan in 2002.

We are all used to seeing Black popular culture appropriated by white people whether it be music, dress style or body language but it is 2006 and I had assumed that the days when white actors took on roles of black people had long passed away. But ahh we are talking about the Brangelinas here. I use the word “appropriation� but what is really taking place here is an act of arrogance and whitewashing by people who think because they are so super rich they can BE anything they want as well has have anything they want whether it be a country, a person or the adoption of children from any racial background they choose. There is a pattern here by Ms Jolie of using the privilege and power of her whiteness to fill her life with “the other�. It is like some endless pursuit of pleasure - the “pleasure dome of the exotic other�. Whilst there is privilege and power in being white sometimes it can all get a bit boring so lets take an adventure into Blackness - we can always throw it away when we’re done with our little bit of fun and maybe try some Chinese or Indian - the world is ours for the taking and the people with it as well.

what do you think?


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