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Photo by Penny of Pengrin Eats.

Pickles by CookieCrumb of I'm Mad and I Eat.

Imagine more than 60 Bay Area food bloggers get together for a picnic. Normal people would want to know who was there, fashionistas would be asking what people wore, and others might want to know who people showed up with, but fellow food bloggers would be asking, "What kind of food did they have?"

At the second annual Bay Area Food Bloggers' Picnic recently, there was delicious, interesting, unusual, and photogenic food everywhere. Cruise through these reports from Bloghers and Bloghims who attended the picnic and you'll see some serious food porn, not to mention a few photos of famous food bloggers.

Daily Feed by Bunrab
Vanilla Garlic by Garrett
Pengrin Eats by Penny
Bay Area Bites by Kim
Cooking with Amy, by Amy
101 Cookbooks by Heidi
Dessert First by Anita
Jennifer Jeffrey by Jennifer
Life's a Picnic by Greg
I'm Mad and I Eat by CookieCrumb
Confessions of a Restaurant Whore by Joy
San Francisco Gourmet by NS
Eggeater by Shuna
Something in Season by Brendon

There are also great Flickr photo collections by Sean, Garrett, and the most food porn of all by Penny.

Special thanks to Blogher Contributing Editor Sam whose fabulous and food-porn-filled picnic report was the source of these links.

Blogher contributing editor Kalyn Denny writes Kalyn's Kitchen in Salt Lake City where she occasionally has dinner with the two other Utah food bloggers.

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