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BlogHer '09 Audio Files

They are here!  Audio files from BlogHer '09.  Thank you Monty for all your hard work. Here we go! Friday, July 24 ...more

BlogHer 09 Digital Nation Video Interviews & WebMaster Radio FM Audio!

Frontline's Digital Nation was at BlogHer 09 and asked attendees how technology impacts their lives. Here's Eden Kennedy, from Fussy! Watch the rest of the Digital Nation interviews in the BlogHer 09 video stream. ...more


Moderator:    Hi, everyone.  So we are gonna get started.  I know people will be trickling in as we go but we’re still trying to run that tight ship.  I do have three housekeeping announcements before I bring out my wonderful closing keynote panel. ...more

OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG - TRANSCRIPT - Leadership: Green and Eco-Blogging sponsored by: Michelin

Moderator:    Well, thank you all.  Am I – is the mike on?  Can you hear okay?  Okay, I'm Diane MacEachern.  I blog at and this is a session on leadership, which I think is a great topic to start the conversation around green, and the environment and sustainability because, in fact, the need for leadership is so great.   ...more

OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG - TRANSCRIPT - Leadership: The BlogHer ’09 Int'l Activist BlogHer Scholarship Winners Share Their Work

Anita:    Well I’m so excited to be at this panel.  This is the International Activist Scholarship winners.  These amazing women are here from different parts of the world and they have just so many things to share with us about their work and how they’re impacting their countries and the women around them and really their society.  It’s just – if you go to their Website you can see it’s really amazing what they’re doing.  Of course they’ll be able to tell us their story and all the wonderful things that are involved with and this is a case study.  It’s great if you guy ...more

OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG - TRANSCRIPT - Room of Your Own #2: Women of Color and Marketing

Heather:    Hi. Audience:    Hi. Female:    Hey.  Morning. Heather:    Good morning.  I’m Heather Barmore from No Pasa Nada and also, where I’m a contributing editor for business, career, and personal finance.  And in case you don’t know, the session that you’re in is called Women of Color in Marketing. Audience Member:    Oh, okay. [Laughter] Female:    Oh, I love her. [Laughter] Female:    Oh, it’s going to be like that today?  Okay.  Okay. ...more

OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG - TRANSCRIPT - Identity/Passions: The Transformational Power of Blogging

Kate Inglis:    Is that better?  Okay.  So, I mean, I was actually recovering from a c-section and having these babies in the NICU that I was literally afraid to go down and even look  at because they look like little aliens.  I mean, they were beautiful in a way, but really it’s just so scary and I felt like a fist.  I felt like a human fist and I felt like one of those wailing women that you see in pictures from war zones and I felt all kinds of things at once and I think if I didn’t keep writing about it that I would literally, I don’t know, I would literally explode.   ...more

OFFICIAL LIVE BLOG - TRANSCRIPT - Room of Your Own - Your Blog is Great, Get People to Know About It

Jen:    So just to tell you what we’re gonna do today, we’re gonna talk about three different aspects of getting people to find your blog, SEO, which you know a little of that, social networking, which you know a bit, and marketing, which you know a little about.  And I think that when you put it together, you have a pretty good package of knowledge to walk away with.  And of course just ask any questions along the way that you’d like to, also. ...more

BlogHer Business '09 Presentations

Attached please find the following two presentstions given at BlogHer Business '09: 1. The Welcome Presentation, including our presentation of the 2009 Women and Social Media Study data PDF File here 2. The BlogHer Business Case Studies, specifically: -Allstate -Fiskars -Prego -Coach -Tropicana Trop 50 ...more

UNOFFICIAL LIVEBLOG: Room of Your Own: Your Blog Is Great, Get People to Know About It

Session Description: You've been blogging for a while now, and you know that your posts strike a chord with your readers. You're creative, or touching, or just chock full of useful information, right? So why is your site traffic remaining static – shouldn’t it be growing? ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG - Your burning questions about the BlogHer Publishing Network

Session Description:  Join the BlogHer Publishing Network team, Jenifer Scharpen, Jenny Lauck, Gina Garrubbo and Lisa Stone, and learn how to make the most of your membership, if you already are a member. Plus have the opportunity to ask your burning questions, whether you're a current member or not. Get an behind-the-scenes look at how the network works, why our policies work the way they do, and even how the recent FTC interest in bloggers affects and doesn't affect us all. ...more

Thanks for posting the notes from the end of the session.  Much appreciated.


OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG - MommyBlogging: Healthcare by Committee, brought to you by Johnson&Johnson

Session Description: More than ever parents are turning to the Internet to help take care of their family and there are a wealth of resources out there, including medblogs. How can we all do a better job of assessing the credibility and usability of the medical information we find online? ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG: Business of You - Advanced SEO

Session Description: This session, led by Vanessa Fox, an expert in understanding customer acquisition from organic search, is for attendees who are familiar with the basic principles and want to dig deeper. There will be a Beginning SEO tutorial in the Geek Lab, so if you don’t know your metatags, get the basics in the Lab. This session is intermediate to advanced only. ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG: Business of You - Advanced Social Media

Session info: There are so many services that help you spread your content around. Twitter may be king, but other options, like StumbleUpon, kirtsy, digg and more abound. The issue is how to use them effectively. To know, you’ve got to become an expert at reading your analytics. In this panel, we'll make sure you're getting the most bang for your syndication buck. ...more

I know that creating your ego feed with Yahoo Pipes was mentioned briefly during the session ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG - Keynote: Traditional Media Chops meet a New Media Calling

Session Description: In 2009 we, the readers and audience members, continue to express our love and respect for the entertainment and information traditional media delivers. Last summer was a record-breaking season at the box office. New TV shows continue to become watercooler phenomena. Some authors are publishing books that prove we all still like to read! ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG - Blogging as a Homeschooling Tool

Session Description: Homeschooling moms are a tight-knit community in the blogosphere. How do they use blogging to support one another’s goals to educate their children? And can blogging be an educational tool that they actually use with their children? ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG – Room of Your Own 1: Women Writing In The Age Of Britney: Pop Culture & Gossip & Feministy Stuff, Oh My

In an age when Octo-Mom, Sarah Palin, LOST, Britney Spears, Twilight and Brangelina dominate the headlines on a near-daily basis, it’s about time we asked: What is the state of pop culture writing (writing about TV, movies, magazines, music and celebrity gossip) among women, and what good is it doing us? Is it a genre that empowers women as writers and readers – even as feminists? – or does it keep us locked in old stereotypes about women as gossips and consumers of soap operas and morning shows?  ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG – Keynote: Traditional Media Chops meet a New Media Calling

In 2009 we, the readers and audience members, continue to express our love and respect for the entertainment and information traditional media delivers. Last summer was a record-breaking season at the box office. New TV shows continue to become watercooler phenomena. Some authors are publishing books that prove we all still like to read! ...more

OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG - Brands & Bloggers

Session Description:  BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins will moderate this discussion with Liz Gumbinner, co-founder and blogger at Cool Mom Picks, Sarah Pasquinucci, a brand advocate and public relations manager for Procter & Gamble Fabric Care, Jaden from Steamy Kitchen, a food blogger who has worked successfully (and extensively) with various companies, and Wheatley Marshall, an expert on strategic brand planning and social media outreach. ...more

Yes, I went back and corrected it.more


This perennial favorite may never be left off the agenda. We’ll again talk to authors, agents and publishers about what it takes to move blogging brilliance onto printed page. ...more


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