Interview Opportunities on a New Video Show

For his new video show, Robert Scoble is interested in interviewing women (and men) geeks who live and work in the Valley (at least until he has a budget to travel).

If you are a woman in Silicon Valley area who works in tech, please email Robert at Robertscoble AT hotmail DOT com or call him at 425-205-1921. He is also looking for names of female executives in the area--tech CEOs and other C-Suite level women--to feature on his show.

Now I know we have a blogroll full of Tech woman -- some geekier than others -- here, as well as some outstanding Geeky contributing editors. But Apparently, female technologists are a difficult lot to come by, so if you all could help Robert out, that would be great. He got one taker in his comments. Let's send some more great candidates his way.

p.s., Good photography skills are also a plus.