New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread

This post is part of the Bread Bible Alpha group, a group of bakers working our way through recipes from The Bread Bible written by Rose Levy Beranbaum. This month’s post is about New Zealand Almond and Fig Bread, a bread that I hadn’t heard about before now. It is a small loaf, so I used a small stainless steel bowl to proof it in as most of my bannetons are for 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of dough ....more

white pizzas with fior de latte and proscuitto crudo

It’s been a while now since I first shared my favorite NY pizza dough recipe. I’ve received so many positive comments, and I’m thrilled to know that many folks are as happy with the recipe as I am. I love being able to make good pizzas at home ....more

New York Bialys

Ahhhh…bialys! These little gems bring back fond memories for me. In my past life, I was a children’s wear buyer for a Philadelphia-based department store ....more

Soft pretzel mini buns

This soft pretzel recipe is from...more

No-Knead Harvest Bread

This is another favorite, and it is no-knead. I absolutely loved this bread. This particular loaf...more

Fish fry batter

This is another one of those recipes that I’ve wanted to post for a while now. We’ve made it a few times, always with great results. My husband grew up eating fish fry in upstate (central?) NY, which is another version of frying fish ....more

challah bread

My first challah! I’ve always wanted to try baking this bread and it’s been on my list forever, but you know how it is….that is a long list! Plus what ends up happening is that I often bake the same breads over and over since I do have my favorites ....more

Banana Feather Loaf

I’ve been wanted to join a bread group for quite sometime now. It finally happened! I’ve officially baking with the Bread Bible Alpha group, a group of bakers working our way through recipes from the Bread Bible written by Rose Levy Beranbaum ....more

Cuban black beans (pressure cooker)

This was the kind of meal that has it all. Delicious. Healthy ....more