Full-time writer by day and a taco-eating, adventure-seeking, thrift store-shopping, closet-introverted wiggly ball of curious enthusiasm by night. My name is Katie, but I'm known best in blog world as katilda. I write in the name of all things fascinating, literary, quirky, musical, edible, altruistic and otherwise clever or inventive.

Life is Joy

One of my favorite things in life are those delicious moments when I pause in the middle of whatever I'm doing and realize how HAPPY I feel.Happy, content, brimming, sparkling. All that jazz. Just those moments where I'm suddenly hit by how GOOD life can feel and think sunshine might burst out of my pores ....more

Paint With All the Colors of the Wind, etc.

Sometime last year, I fell in love with paint by numbers.My life was in a bit of tumult at the time. More than a bit. Lots o' stuffs in my head and a lot of tongue biting and lip chewing and figuring out what words and when and if and so on and so forth.Just ignore that sentence if it made no sense.So one day I was at Michael's......not a man's house, the craft store ....more

Nostalgia Season

I am easily prone to nostalgia.Particularly at specific times of year. I used to think it was October that sparked it the most, but lately I've been feeling it pretty strongly about spring. So, I think it might just be any transitory, changing season that makes me reflective and really puts me in the "what was I doing this time last year" mood.I've finally been in California long enough to have memories of "how things were before." It can be a pretty transitory place around here, with all the young people and fast-paced career life that kind of moves people in and out and around ....more

With An Alternate Plan

Sometimes movies just strike a chord with me.The first time I saw Meet Joe Black, I wandered out of my apartment afterward in a haze and just kind of walked around and.....looked....at things. I felt wide-eyed and in the mood to marvel at the world around me. Ever since, it has always been one of my favorite movies.Whilst in the throes of germs this weekend/Monday (which constitutes the length of a holiday weekend, no? ...more

New Job // No More Fighting

*In advance, forgive any parts of this that don't make sense or come across incoherently. I've had a hell of a weekend and my brain may or may not have been fevered or vomity (it's a word, sure) when I wrote it. Shrug ....more

Writing About Writing and Stuff

It's probably because the last few blog posts were hijacked by the Italy recap, but I came home from work today dying to write.First I walked to the corner deli for a sandwich. Turkey, cream cheese, cranberry sandwich. One of my most favorite kinds of sandwich.....on a toasted roll ....more

Ciao katilda: Venice

If you're going to go to Venice, it doesn't hurt to accidentally time your trip during Carnevale.Let me paint a picture for you of what Carnevale (aka the Italian Mardi Gras) looks like in Venice: Labyrinth meets Maze Runner meets Halloweentown meets Disneyland meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Little Nemo (holla at me if you even know what that last reference is -- not the fish movie; the pajama pajama one). We were basically in a magical Venezian fairyland. Confetti and masks and costumes everywhere, in a tangle of cobblestone roads and canals and passageways.Being the end of our trip (and honestly, the amount of actual stuff to DO in Venice is lower than in the other places we went), we were very low-key for our couple days there ....more

Ciao katilda: Pisa & Cinque Terre

"The Leaning Tower of Cheese-uh!"(Name that movie....)Second to last Italy post, you guys! Then I'll get back to my regularly scheduled programming of life insights and clever wit and....such things....But right now, let's take it back to Valentine's Day! In the most romantic country.....with three beautiful, hilarious and clever women ....more

Ciao katilda: FLORENCE!

The title of this one earned capital letters because that's how my heart feels inside when I think about this city. FLORENCE!This city is just my speed. Rome and Pompeii were a flurry of activity, but when I got off the train in Florence, my heart was like, "Yes, this ....more

Ciao katilda: Pompeii & Sorrento

Well I'm clearly taking my time with these Italy posts. #beenbackfor12days #hadsuchambitionSo don't mind me if I start posting them all at once so I can move forward and blog about other things. Like how much bacon I ate this weekend ....more