Full-time writer by day and a taco-eating, adventure-seeking, thrift store-shopping, closet-introverted wiggly ball of curious enthusiasm by night. My name is Katie, but I'm known best in blog world as katilda. I write in the name of all things fascinating, literary, quirky, musical, edible, altruistic and otherwise clever or inventive.


Celebratory chair spins, because....I'm not going to be unemployed in September! Two weeks shy of my current contract ending, I'm **more** than happy to report that I accepted a new 12-month contract as a recruiting coordinator via my staffing agency (Adecco)....I'm staying at the Googz!I am.....relieved.....tired....happy...and...slightly sweaty, probably. Always that last one, you know? ...more

Our Sacred Little Infinities

"There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There's .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million ....more

Blessed to Worry, Grateful to Know

If you've asked me about my life lately, I might have any number of joys and complaints to share. On the complaints front, there's the ever-ongoing job hunt (3.5 weeks to unemployment as my Google temp contract dwindles and the dark circles under my eyes grow in tandem with the calendar date), the stifling temperatures of my AC-less apartment on warmer CA nights, the yapping seagulls and elephant birds that wake me up before the sun every.single.morning., the pulled groin that has ailed me for 3+ weeks....and so on.I never want to be the type of person who belittles "first-world problems" with anecdotes about sex trafficking in Cambodia and starving children in Ethiopia. Or starving children and sex trafficking in my own city, also ....more

Firmoo & The Big Red Sunglasses

That title sounds like a children's book, am I right?Maybe someday I'll write a children's book all bout something involving big red sunglasses. I'll avoid googling it to inevitably find out it's already been written.....Anyway. I got these red gems via Firmoo, which I picked out mostly because the models looked so cheerful while wearing them ....more

Believing in Each Other

I'm always creating analogies between various areas of my life.Running is like job hunting. No....job hunting is like dating. No, dating is like....a food crawl....in which you're not sure how much to eat now or save for later? ...more

It's a Helluva Life

Life is real good.I stole that title from a country song. But, he likely stole them from someone else so....sharing is caring. Anyway, here's some stuff about my little ol' life....It's the midst of summer, and since I live in paradise (summer anywhere outside my normal AZ roots feels like paradise, but northern CA is particularly paradise-y) I just want to be outside all the time ....more

The Shoulders of Your Heart

I'm a chronic song repeater.What I love best is when I find a song that moves me. The kind that I immediately have to look up the lyrics for, because one line catches my ear and I'm suddenly sure it's been written just for me. It means a lot to me when I come across a song that just NAILS my life and heart at the moment ....more

Iceland Photos, Part 2 of 2

You didn't actually think I'd pull off both halves of this post within a couple days, did you? Ah, but I'm doing it! Look at me go!In Part 1 I gave you all the city pictures ....more

Iceland Photos, Part 1 of 2

Drumroll, please.....The Iceland pictures are now here! I already gave you a post about my travel tips for Iceland, and now I will give you pictures to convince you to go! (You could probably look up professional photos for even more convincing ....more

Bridesmaid Round 14: My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend got married last week and no I didn't have to bring a gay friend along to pose as my fiance nor did I cause a ruckus and run across a lawn in a gray long-sleeve crop top. But I do like Julia Roberts, and I do like baseball, so, I'm not totally without similarities. Sorry if you're lost ....more