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Ashley Evans Mattocks
writer, designer, paisley expert
Ashley Evans Mattocks
writer, designer, paisley expert

Ashley Evans Mattocks has horrible cuticles.  A southern girl down to her pearl-necklace-wearing heart, she now lives in the Midwest where she saves the world in small ways everyday; primarily by arranging tasteful photography of paisley-patterned purses and communicating the proper techniques for displaying their paisley-ness.  Her non-handbag related projects include designing logos forcaptains of industry, creating interactive training pieces for international corporations, and trying to be Valedictorian of Moms™ by making supercute invitations for her daughters’ birthday parties. 

These many pursuits tend to keep her away from her first love – writing.  She once blogged extensively at Schadenfreudette about single motherhood and brain aneurysms.  She is now remarried to a recovering daddyblogger and occasionally writes press releases for her best friend's uterus and how to decoupage with daddy issues

Carlie Butler
Maker Studios

Carlie Butler, YouTube giant ShayCarl’s little sister, is no stranger to the world of YouTube. After seeing how Shay and his family could engage with audiences first hand, she launched her own channel CarlieStylez and is taking YouTube by storm. Her first video captured well over a hundred thousand views and there is no end in sight. This fun and feisty single mom’s main man is her adorable son Cooper, who serves as a both an inspiration and co-star for her videos. A former dancer, cheerleader, and fitness instructor, Carlie draws on her background to share tips on fitness, beauty, and parenting. With recurring, go-to series such as “The Love Nest,” Carlie delivers fun female content each week.

Catherine McCord
Founder, Weelicious, Inc

Launched in 2007, Catherine, mom to Kenya (6) and Chloe (4), created as a platform to show parents around the world how easy and beneficial it is to expose children to wholesome and delicious homemade food. After personally struggling with how to feed Kenya, Catherine recognized a need for realistic, accessible and nutritious recipes for parents using minimal ingredients that are fully loaded with flavor. Weelicious, which now houses over 1200 original recipes, isn’t about taking risks or presenting challenges in the kitchen. Catherine inspires her community with ingredients that are readily available and recipes that are fast and easy to follow.  Debuting a new recipe or tip daily and how-to cooking videos posted every Tuesday, Weelicious is a wealth of information and has quickly developed an international audience on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Catherine takes her inner ‘mom-ologue’ from the web to the page with her book, Weelicious: One Family. One Meal. Starting out as an inspirational feeding guide, Catherine cleverly weaves together first-hand experiences with factual evidence, and then naturally progresses into 140 of her own can-do “easy, fresh, and fun” recipes. Summer 2013 Weelicious Lunches will be published with over 160 simple recipes to get kids excited about school lunch.

Christine Tremoulet
Avenger of Sexiness,
Christine Tremoulet
Avenger of Sexiness,

Christine is the Avenger of Sexiness. Her Superpower? Helping Hot Mamas grow their confidence and rediscover their beauty, while rediscovering her own, at the same time. The power of specialism and learning to build a business around her own unique passions have become the driving force behind everything that she does.

For most of her life, Christine has been in the process of learning to love herself, just as she is. Mass media works just as hard telling her that she is not good enough. They are wrong! Christine believes that they tell us to live up to impossible standards. She believes that we all have flaws, and it is those differences that make us each wonderful. She believes that our self-worth is not based on how others judge our physical appearance, and they have no right to judge us anyways.

Christine's photography and writing are driven by the passion to help others embrace themselves for who they truly are and to stand up to the negative media overload, and her mission is to help all women work happily ever-after, just like she does.

Christine lives in Houston, Texas in a historic bungalow in the Heights with her husband Mike & her son Jason, along with their two cats. She sometimes knits, and she photographs the gluten-free Meatatarian food Mike cooks for her. You can read more about Christine at her personal blog, Avenger of Sexiness -- and more of her work at her portfolio blog --

Colette Butler
Maker Studios

Known by legions of fans as “Mommytard,” Colette Butler is the beloved matriarch of YouTube’s most famous family—the Butlers. Ever since her husband Shay’s daily vlogs took off, she has had the unique experience of raising her family in front of millions of engaged viewers. In classic sitcom form, Colette is, as Forbes described her, the “straightwoman” to Shay’s playful persona. But their life is no sitcom, the Butler family videos and channels are wildly popular and their sense of humor coupled with their unmistakable love and devotion to family has hit a nerve with devoted followers all over the world.

While her hubby Shay may have started the Butlers’ YouTube domination, Mrs. ShayCarl is a force all her own commanding around 400,000 subscribers. A stay-at-home mother of four (soon to be five!), Collette began her own channel just over three years ago—/Katilette. It has since evolved into her personal platform to share her experiences as a mother, wife, daughter, and sister through vlogs and chats with her audience.

Diane Cu
White On Rice Couple

Diane Cu is a professional photographer, stylist and filmaker based in Los Angeles. Fueled by her love of local culture and a home cooked meal, she loves sharing stories of amazing people from her travels. Diane's advertising and editorial work can be found in Oprah Winfrey Network, Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma, Cooking Channel, Sunset Magazine and published cookbooks. She co-writes the food & photography blog and is co-founder of 


Jan Kabili

If you’ve visited the popular online training website, if you’ve paged through Photoshop books at Barnes & Noble, or if you’ve read leading Photoshop magazines, you probably know Jan Kabili. 

Jan is an honest to goodness Photoshop and Lightroom guru. She has recorded so many Photoshop video training courses for that she has her own URL there - She’s a well-known Photoshop author, whose books include How to Wow: Photoshop for the Web, Photoshop Hands On Training for the Web, Photoshop Complete Course, and Photoshop Elements Complete Course. She has written many articles for leading magazines, including Macworld, Photoshop User, and Mac Design. Jan helped write Adobe’s Photoshop Certified Expert Exam, and she’s been an Adobe software beta tester for years. Jan is also an accomplished photographer, with a Master of Fine Arts degree from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Jan has taught thousands of people like you how to use Photoshop and Lightroom.

Jenika McDavitt
Publisher, Psychology for Photographers
Jenika McDavitt
Publisher, Psychology for Photographers

Jenika studied psychology at Yale University, with an emphasis in behavioral neuroscience.  She had been blogging personal photography since 2005, but decided to continue on and earn a master's degree in clinical psychology.  

While in graduate school, she started a portrait photography business.  It didn't take long for her to realize how closely intertwined psychology is with both photography and running a small business.  In 2011 she created Psychology for Photographers, a blog dedicated to helping photographers grow their businesses and find greater success through a deeper understanding of the people they serve.  Within months, the blog attracted thousands of subscribers and Jenika has since been a featured guest lecturer and guest writer across many platforms.

Jenika is an incorrigible bookworm and a nonfiction junkie.  She divides her time between photography, writing, raiding the local library, and hanging out with her husband.  She believes photography can change how people feel about themselves, which makes it the best job in the world.

Kayli Butler
Maker Studios

Kayli Butler is a member of YouTube’s “first family;” her high school sweetheart and husband of over 8 years Casey Butler is brother to well known YouTuber ShayCarl, so she is no stranger to the world of YouTube. A professional cosmetologist and mother of two, this Utah native now showcases fun how-to videos for busy moms on her channel HeyKayli, focusing on hairstyling for moms and daughters, quick and easy cooking, and crafting for home decor and holidays. Viewers are plugged directly into her daily life as she reflects on raising her kids and bettering her family’s lives.

Lisa Donovan
Co-founder, Maker Studios
Lisa Donovan
Co-founder, Maker Studios

Lisa Donovan is a co-founder of Maker Studios, a next-generation talent first media company. She has been a driving force in expanding, creating, and overseeing Maker’s programming and vertical network strategy along with fostering talent alongside co-founders Danny Zappin and Ben Donovan since the brand’s inception in 2009.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress and filmmaker, Lisa teamed up with her boyfriend Danny Zappin to form Zappin Productions. Then in 2006, discovering that she could make content on her own through the YouTube platform, Lisa began creating videos with Danny and her brother Ben on a YouTube channel titled LisaNova. As an early adopter, Lisa’s popularity grew enormously attracting millions of views and making such series viral hits as “Hot Girls” and “Molly Is So Cool Like.” Stemming from the success of the channel, Lisa was one of the first YouTube content creators to cross over into mainstream Hollywood when she was cast on MADtv in 2007. Then in 2009, Lisa, Danny and Ben, along with several other YouTube stars such as ShayCarl and KassemG, decided to form a new kind of studio with a 360 approach to producing, creating and distributing original content—Maker Studios. The team began by launching the YouTube channel TheStation, which became a hub for talent to collaborate in the space.

Lisa has been a monumental force in the online content creating community working with up-and-coming and well-established YouTube talent along with such notable figures as Jane Fonda, Katy Perry, Jenna Elfman, Ralph Nader and Spike Lee. She has been referred to as “the best one woman show online” by Interview magazine and has been highlighted in The New York Times, Variety, Forbes, Wired, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post and CNN, among many others.

Lisa attended the University of Colorado at Boulder before pursuing her entertainment career in Los Angeles.

Lucrecer Braxton

An award-winning photographer, vlogger and mixed-media artist Lucrecer draws inspiration for her work from everyday life and her three amazing children.

She has been a photographer for over fourteen years and fell in love with it after taking a continuing education class. Since winning her first photography contest, she has had numerous photographs published. Lucrecer has been commissioned to create art journals as part of a collaborative project with Bowling Green State University’s art department as well as had many of her original art pieces published in magazines and books. Now, her focus is on helping people see how amazing they are through the portraiture and how to embrace their awesome by telling stories with their pictures.

Lucrecer is a smart, passionate and motivating speaker. Her pursuit of living a full life has led to a variety of speaking, workshop-leading and panel discussion opportunities. She delivers soul-stirring messages that motivate people to do their best and never give up.

Lucrecer was born in Georgia and is southern girl at heart. Having lived in a variety of cities and countries such as Montana, Florida, England and now Ohio, she credits her constant moving around with molding her sense of adventure.

Miss Lori

Miss Lori has been a smiling staple for families across the country since she first graced the screen of the PBS Kids Preschool Block in 2006. For the last six years she has performed an average of 70 concert tours per year as well as produced healthy interstitials for WTTW Kids in Chicago utilizing her original award winning Mis Lori's CAMPUS content from her CD Music 'n Movement TOGETHER and her DVD Activate & Be Great. However it's not just children who light up when they see Miss Lori's familiar face. Through her social media Marketainment Miss Lori has become a trusted resource for brands such as Kodak, Tropicana, Nintendo, Whirlpool, Sears, Chrysler and GM, and the parents they aim to serve. Her media acumen makes her a valuable asset for any campaign and a secret weapon for any video blogger in training or already in action. A regular on, her own site MissLori.TV, and the speaking circuit Miss Lori is a voice of inspiration, guidance and creativity, always encouraging you to Let Your SMILE Shine On. Follow her on Twitter @MissLori and Pinterest/Instagram @MissLoriTV.

Sharzad Kiadeh
Maker Studios

Iranian, American Sharzad Kiadeh’s fun, lively personality is quickly making a place for her on YouTube. A native of Northern California and a graduate of UCLA, Sharzad pursued her passion for beauty and became a professional makeup artist after college. She has taught makeup workshops across the country and has beautified some of Hollywood’s most famous faces. Always up for performing, she also has taken classes at The Second City and Groundlings. In 2011, she launched her blog LuxLyfe as well as her YouTube channel /Sharzy76 where she uploads style, beauty, travel and food videos. Sharzad is taking the cyber world by storm with her hilarious and informative content and with a growing audience from around the globe, her blog and YouTube channel are quickly becoming popular online destinations for women (and men!) everywhere.

Stacy Jill Calvert
Digital Storyteller

Stacy is a Digital Storyteller with over 15+ years of experience as a professional in the new media industry. She has spoken at several national conferences including BlogHer 2012 and the 2012 NIRSA National Marketing Institute about Social Media and Mobile Media Production.

Stacy is currently a MFA Candidate in Media Arts at Southern Illinois University where she is focused on Documentary & Digital Media. She is currently working on several projects including an autobiographical documentary about growing up Jewish in the Midwest.

Tai and Tarin Perry
Founders, Double Saving Divas

Identical twins, Tai and Tarin Perry aka “The Double Saving Divas,” hail from Chicago, IL.  Born into a frugal money saving family of seven, their parents instilled in them the value of faith, family, giving, and the need to use money wisely. Thrifty shopping was a must.  As children they resented the drudgery of clipping coupons and snipping product labels with their mother. They would rather play then help shop, haul or arrange the family surplus. It was difficult to see the benefits of saving money… until one day when the entire family flew to Disney World for FREE! This free trip was the result of a cereal promo and coupons! At last, a seed was planted. In 2006 the Divas began to seriously study the link between strategic money saving tactics and certain lifestyle adjustments. The results were spectacular! Imagine saving an average of $10,000 per year.  With a desire to help others, a dream was born. After college (with no debt), modeling stints, and early home-ownership, they each began careers as highly recognized professional investment bankers. They enhanced their blogging experience through video. This has allowed them to be globally recognized by many including The Rachel Ray Show, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, Black Enterprise and USA Today to name a few.

Todd Porter
White On Rice Couple

Todd Porter is a Southern California based photographer and filmmaker. After 14 years in restaurant management, he found another calling in photography and film by documenting food, people, and their stories. Todd is the co-founder of and co-publisher of He has shot for both advertising and editorial clients such as Whole Foods, Thermador, Sunset Magazine, Lucini Italia, Williams Sonoma, Food and Wine, and the Los Angeles Times.