Happy Life Day, Felix!

This weekend we celebrated the one-year anniversary of Felix’s transplant — often known in the transplant community as his “Life Day.” One year ago, this happened: And now a year later, here he is! Completely out of isolation. He is a happy, healthy little boy ....more

What I’m Into: June 2016

Happy Canada Day, friends! I have never been more grateful to be a Canadian. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the way my government and community cared for us during Felix’s hospitalization ....more

2 Keys to Keeping Your Young Child’s Art Supplies From Taking Over Your House

My Lydia is an artist. It was apparent from the start. She knew all her colours names before she was two ....more

5 Things I Learned After 6 Months in the Hospital

(This draft has been sitting around for close to a year. I finally decided to go ahead and publish it. These are reflections on the things I learned after living in the hospital for six months with my critically ill child ....more

I Will Blog Again When I Am Able to Sleep at Night Again.

I promise. I miss you guys and I miss this space. But right now too much of my time and energy are gobbled up by sitting around in the dark with a cranky toddler at 3am ....more

Update on Felix: Ten Months After Gene Therapy

We reached a couple of really big and exciting milestones with Felix in the last few months. What an exciting time we’re living! No More Central Line! ...more

What I’m Into: April 2016

April was emotionally taxing. (I won’t get into it here, but it involved many blessings and victories and also SO MUCH PUKE. From everyone, but especially from me ....more

What I’m Into: March 2016

I briefly explored where I’ve been emotionally in my previous post, so in this one I’m just going to jump into the books, movies and more that we’ve been enjoying. (But can I just say this real quick? YOU GUYS ....more

Where I’ve Been Lately: March 2016

(I started writing a What I’m Into post, but it quickly turned into this, so I decided to make that a separate post.) March was full of amazing milestones with Felix. First time to the grocery story. First time to the library and the park ....more

Update on Felix: 8 Months After Gene Therapy

Felix is sixteen months old (i.e. one year and four months), and eight months post-gene therapy. Last month was the first month Felix didn’t need to go in for lab work (until now, he’s had to get blood work done every month; after six months post-GT it changed to only every other month — yay!) so I didn’t have much for updates. We haven’t gotten the results from this last blood draw yet, but we anticipate that he should be close to the normal ranges for most, if not all of, his cell counts ....more