An Excellent Couple of Weeks

Hi friends. Sorry I haven’t been updating you much on Felix lately. The thing is, things have been really uneventful lately ....more

Dear Felix: You Have No Idea How Many People Love You

And most of them have never even met you. Literally hundreds of people around the world are praying for your well-being. Crying out to God on your behalf ....more

What I’m Into: March 2015

We’ve been in the hospital four months now. In some ways it feels like a lifetime, in others it feels like a flash. I will never measure time in the same way again ....more

Talking About Going Home (And a Big Fat Prayer Request)

We had an unusual day this week: the Infectious Diseases doctor — and the main doctor overseeing Felix’s care — came with us on the two-hour drive home to check out our house. It was my first time seeing my home since the beginning of December (almost four months). We might be able to take him home soon, but we have to make sure our house is safe for him ....more

Update on Felix: Down and Then Up Again

Sorry for my absence lately. I have a hard time writing updates when we’re in the midst of a crisis. And last week was another one of those nightmare weeks ....more

Unnatural Healing

Felix’s disorder has put me in a really weird place. As you know, I’m a huge advocate for natural, holistic healing. By that I generally mean healing that is done without pharmaceuticals ....more

I Never Wanted to be Wise

I’ve always intuitively understood that in order to gain wisdom, you needed to suffer. So I’ve always understood that my easy, cushy life was a bit of a barrier in my vocation as a writer. I was raised by great parents, enjoy exceptionally good health, excelled in school, married a wonderful man, and am part of a loving church community ....more

What I’m Into: February 2015

February 2015 will go down as the Month of Crocheting. Ben and I were sitting on the hospital cafeteria one afternoon early this month and I was weeping into my pizza AGAIN when Ben suggested I take up a hobby. I have so much time to just worry about my sweet baby and think about how horrible this all is ....more

It’s Not All Bad: Our New Reality

(Photo from a few weeks ago.) The first few weeks here at the hospital after Felix’s diagnosis were hell. Watching every dream I’d ever had for Felix’s childhood crumble, one after the other. But things have been better these last few weeks ....more

Felix Kicking Surgery’s Butt

Monday was a pretty lousy day for Felix. He’d lost the IV in his foot the night before, and the nurses needed to start a new one to administer his daily meds. The IV specialist wasn’t in, so the regular nurses had to give in a try ....more