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I'm a writer, poet, baker, dreamer, inspirer, happy girl who writes about faith-based fashion and the heart-things in life.

I have a poets heart (and a Master's Degree to make it more official), and a modern-vintage style. I love happy, pretty, girly things, and making every space and moment more beautiful is my mission. 

Savor Review

copy provided by booklookbloggers I waited a LONG time for this book because I think the first printing ran out really fast. Shauna Niequist's books have a certain ephemeral quality that allow them to soak into your soul and come with you through your day, so it was no surprise I had to wait over a month for it to arrive. And while I was anxiously waiting for it, my life had also fallen apart (see last post!), so it arrived when I needed it....more

Bad News, the Good News, and Easter

Just a silly little late-night couch selfie from my phone! Not very flattering of me, but I love his smile and sparkly eyes. So much love here ....more

Reading Lately

Hello dears! I've been devoting a lot of my free time this month to learning how to hand letter (check out my instagram!) so it's been a bit lean on the reading lately....more

New Firmoo Glasses & Sweater

I'm feeling Spring-y with my super fun retro-y new glasses from They are a lovely magenta-red that rolls into a soft creamy translucent color, with some fun vintage metal "arrows" on the corners. I've received several compliments on these already, and my mom said, "Take your old glasses off immediately and wear these instead." Ha! ...more

Under the Weather Favorites & Sale Shout

I've been a bit under the weather this week, which spurred me on to share some of my favorite seasonal supports and remedies....more

Dear Kates Yoga Pants and Bralet Review

I love Dear Kates "performance underwear" and I've told you about them a few times before....more

Get Your Craftsy On!

Have ya'll heard of Craftsy? I've told you about them before :) I love their simple-to-follow but really informative online classes and the prices are great. Even better? ...more

Luna Bars Review: Gluten Free

Ok, I have some really fantastic news for all of my gluten-free on-the-go snackers...ALL Luna Bars are now gluten-free! YES, the cupcake one. YES, the brownie one ....more

What I'm Watching

The Great British Baking Show on PBS: This is my latest obsession. It is so CALMING and lovely to watch. A totally lovely television viewing experience ....more

Book Review: Scary Close

Scary Close provided by booklookbloggers by Donald Miller 4 stars...more