Hairdressers -- dressin', or messin'?

For me this is a departure but (for reasons I won't go into now) I feel the need to share something about hairdressers. Now, hair and its dressing often is a very cultural thing. So while surfing around I realised this issue seems to cross just about every group. Then I found Ani Moller's blog where she posted an entry titled "I hate hairdressers." Ok. Maybe it's not that extreme but ya have to wonder. From where does the apparent breakdown in communication come between a head of hair and its owner, and so many hairdressers?? Or 'hairmessers' says Ani Moller's reader named Pam. You can scroll to Pam's comment where she says she and another reader - Missy - met because of mutual "hair hell." Pam writes eloquently:

"...I had highlights done. Well the moron of a “stylist� put bleach on my head (I wanted color used) and sat me under a dryer for 40 minutes. I think she forgot about me while doing her friend’s hair. ... The idiot turned the top of my head an ugly blonde. This looked lovely with the rest of the hair dark. ... [i]t also felt like straw. The only way to fix this is by cutting it off. ...I’d rather have no hair than a bad haircut. That just brings you down and keeps you in a bad place. ...there are a lot of bad people out there doing hair. ...This is our hair, people. We have to wear it. It’s time to hold these idiots responsible. I’m sick of paying for what I don’t want. ..."

>>> Can we give Pam & Ani an amen???