Lit.Lists.Love. // March 7

Well, hello March. When did you get here? Lit.Lists.Love ....more

Best Jar Pickles, and what to look for.

I’m a strong proponent of pickles. Let’s review all the ways we can enjoy eating pickles, shall we? *pickle chips * fused between grilled cheese sandwich or a cuban sandwich * as a dip * fried at the fair * tooth-picked atop a reuben * in potato salad * in tarter sauce * with peanut butter * straight out of the jar * on skewers * at the ballpark * as a hangover cure *post-workout juice That being said, I have become a pickle connoisseur of sorts over the years ....more

Swimming Nutrition. Some Tips.

1. Store-bought juice favorites I’ve seen for pre-breakfast swim: *Evolution FRESH Sweet Greens and Lemon, Carrot Orange Mango *Grape juice – if prone to low blood sugar in the morning. 2. Just a small amount of iron deficiency can deter performance ....more

Lit.Lists.Love. // February 28

Hello weekend. Lit.Lists.Love. is where I usually share a bit of what I’ve been reading and loving lately, via my fetish for lists ....more

New report + roasting cauliflower

Last week, the dietary world was abuzz about the 2015 U.S. Dietary Guidelines report that was released – even though it’s still not completed. The final report is scheduled to be released later this year. It’s updated nutrition (best of foods) information that the doctors, dietitians, and other smart medical professionals may or may not – eventually rattle on about in your ear, just in case your blood labs become well, a bit wonky ....more

Recently, in Apples

After climbing out of the winter cold & flu dumpster, I’m catching up on what’s new with fruit, and this is it: Scientists have silenced a gene in apples to stop them from browning. Genetically modified apples, by way of silencing basically. The U.S.Department of Agriculture has provided a precursory go-ahead for farmers using test plots, but the matter is currently open to public comments ....more

Accidental Orange Zest

Citrus season makes winter a little easier. ...more

Mark Bittman’s Warm Escarole Salad Recipe

Last night I made the simplest (and tasty) vegetable-based dinner recipe, called – Warm Escarole and White Bean Salad with Poached Eggs. It’s from Mark Bittman’s newest cookbook, How to Cook Everything Fast....more

Lit.Lists.Love. // January 31

What are you doing this weekend? Lit.Lists.Love. is where I usually share a bit of what I’ve been reading and loving lately, via my fetish for lists ....more

10 Ways: How to Start Adding Vegetables to Meals

I’m here to tell you everything I know about adding different vegetables to every meal. Kidding. Now, if we were to meet at a party and you asked me to, then – I probably could would go off on an impassioned ramble about the scads of vegetables that I feel must be easily added into meals – ad nauseam ....more