preserving the family table: rigatoni with sausage sauce

I was watching this awful, trashy reality show the other night. And I couldn’t pry myself away. You see, beyond the glitz and glamor there was an important message: family...more

buttermilk blueberry crumb muffins

It’s celebration time! Fasten your seat belts people, because what you’re about to see is proof of my first successful bake in over 3 MONTHS! That’s huge ....more

the best snack ever: frozen blueberries

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel on this one but- Frozen blueberries are the best snack ever! Have you tried this before? Certainly, we’ve heard of frozen berries for smoothies, desserts, and stuff like that ....more

red bliss skillet hash

I am never going to the doctor’s office ever again. Do you know how long I waited for my appointment? A grueling hour and a half! ...more

blackberry ginger smoothie

Hibiscus flowers and blackberries inspire early mornings smoothies… We recently visited Long Island’s North Fork, something we do every summer to pick berries at our favorite farm. I’ve previously mentioned that my kids are master berry pickers and this year proved to be no exception. It was cute to watch Dillon teach his younger brother the art of foraging ....more

marinated fennel + tomato salad

Madame Editor came over for a dinner last Friday night. It’s always fun to enjoy the company of one of your oldest friends, who willingly eats your food as you ramble on and on about recipes and blogging. You know that she proof reads all of my posts, right? ...more

cheat’s lentil soup

Trust me when I tell you that I am nowhere near ready for cold weather recipes. I am currently reveling in juicy heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, zucchini bread, and other seasonal delights that will soon disappear in a snap. Summer forever! ...more

sparkling watermelon + cucumber refresher

Because this is what you need after vacation. A little pick-me-up, if you will… Gluttonous over indulgence last week has left me feeling like a giant cow....more

summer vegetable couscous salad

Whatever you do, don’t work with feta in 100+ degree weather. Total stink fest. But it’s worth the stink, because this dish embodies everything that I love about summer food and Mediterranean flavors ....more

reason #6: too many updates

This may not be the most riveting read, but you might find it a bit interesting… For every post that I publish, I get a handful of new email subscribers. And, a handful of unsubscribers. Luckily, the service that manages my reader subscriptions will give you a reason as to why someone has unsubscribed from your blog ....more