Black beans for the win!

So there's this page in Davis's baby book that's supposed to be dedicated entirely to pictures of him making a mess with his food. ...more

The plan

So I don't know if this is really a "solution" to the problem, but I have decided what I'm going to do going forward: at some point in the near-ish future, this blog will be deleted. I have already printed out the content from 2007-2014 into books anyway, so I have what I need. I'm not happy about deleting it, but the risk of all those years of pictures of my children being out there in internet outer space for creepy strangers to steal isn't worth it - it has obviously happened (at least) once, so it's too likely it could happen again ....more

Digitally kidnapped

On Thursday evening after we had finished dinner, Wade headed upstairs with the kids to play so I could have some peace and quiet. I sat down on the couch, opened my lap top, and began doing the usual mindless internet surfing that I usually do. In the midst of my facebook perusing, I noticed I had an email from someone I didn't know - I could tell it wasn't spam, so I opened it and began reading.. ....more

Decisions for Davis

When I learned that we were going to be moving several months ago, one of the very first concerns that crossed my mind was finding a new preschool for Davis. I think I got the phone call about the move from Wade around 4:00pm, and by 9:00 that night, thanks to lots of help from Amanda and Brittnie, I had developed a spreadsheet to keep track of all the schools we were interested in so I could get on the phone the next morning and see if anyone had spots available. Considering it was August and just a couple of weeks before school was starting, most places were already full with waiting lists, so I was grateful when we snagged a spot at a school in Sugar Land with a good reputation ....more

Full circle

When my parents moved a few years ago, they passed a lot of our crap...more

Weekend of love

While I generally agree that Valentine's Day is an overrated holiday, I can't really hate on any excuse to show/get a little extra love to/from my peeps, right?! Here's a little glimpse at how we celebrated this year: On Friday, Davis had a party at school, I made strawberry milkshake cookies for my MOPS meeting, Wade gave me some pretty flowers, and the kids got to have a slumber party at their grandparents' house. (Don't be impressed by the cute little Hershey's kisses treats - that's all I got for his teachers, and his friends just got a bunch of ugly Power Rangers cards from Target...) ...more

Drama mamas

Yesterday started off pretty slowly for me. Wade was out of town, which meant I was flying solo all morning, and it just felt like it was dragging at a glacial pace. So I was relieved when it was finally time to meet our friends at the library for story time, and in typical Allison fashion, I arrived about 15 minutes early ....more



What up, H-town?

Houston, Texas gifted us with some pretty great weather this weekend, so we took full advantage! Everyone will tell you that living in Texas can be downright miserable from about June-September, but the mild winters make it 100% worth it - and this weekend was a case in point. We got up and at 'em right away on Saturday morning and headed to the Houston Zoo with the Joiners...more


Just had to share a few sweet moments that happened yesterday so I can look back on them one day when the kids have left for college and cry my eyes out, because I will probably need help with that and all... Thanks to Groupon, Avery got to experience her first gymnastics class while Davis was at school yesterday. Being the second kid, she is usually too busy getting dragged around to everyone else's stuff to have any activities of her own, so it was pretty rewarding to watch her run around happily trying everything out instead of being stuck in her stroller ....more