5 x 5 = 25 Small Ways To Change Your Life

Lately I've felt all over the place ... not physically, because physically I've been strapped to my computer for 12-15 hours per day, but mentally between the "pings" and "bings" and email notifications and phone calls ... my mind sort of races all day, everyday ....more

It's Friday, I'm In Love // with: Our Sanctuary

ETA in Denver is four/five weeks. Eeek. These past few days I've been obsessed with all things decor, and I've been planning out how I'm going to decorate our new hockey home ....more

Weighing In // So This Is (1)27.5

When I met TJ back in 2007 I weighed 108 pounds....more

I Am Who I Am.

I am weird because ... I read magazines and newspapers from back to front. I prefer to eat everything out of a bowl ....more

That One Time I Went To Mexico And Took 9,000 Pictures Of Water And Only Two Of Myself

So I'm back from Mexico and this trip was even better than our honeymoon. The resort that we stayed at last year...more

Goodbye, Tschüss, Adios, Aloha Y'all!

Approximately one year and 19 days ago I married that hunka hunka burning love above. Newsflash: It's true what "they" say - you really do let yourself go after marriage. Proof: Last night we finally got to eat a piece of our wedding cake ....more

Thursday Things

You reap what you sow. source Make ahead frozen daiquiris. Genius....more

Real Talk // Living The (Hockey Wife) Life ...

I wrote a post a little over a year ago titled Girl VS. Girl, Why Can't We All Just Get Along. You won't find that post anywhere in my archives because I swept through this blog back in September and deleted a handful of posts that I either didn't want to represent me, I didn't want to remember, or in this particular situation, I didn't want to give certain people the gratification in print any longer that they made my life a living hell ....more

Cupcakes & Sangria

Is anyone else still on holiday mode, or is it just me? Here's what I've been up to the past couple of weeks: (aka, a whole lot of nothing special to report) 1.) Getting my artsy fartsy on 2.) Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes 3.) Slow but steady wins the race. My time is improving though, yay! 4.) Marylou's Coffee = amazing. 5.) Our first anniversary...more

Run And Hide Your Crazy And Start Actin' Like A Lady ...

Real Talk: source I've mentioned here before that it really annoys me that the only time I ever really receive any type of feedback on my blog posts is when something awful happens in my life, or I have something to really bitch about, and I share it with the world....more