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Chocolate Popcorn Cookies for The Leftovers Club

Today I’d like to talk about the internet. Of course, the internet is such a slight thing that can be easily dissected into a 400-word blog post, natch. But although I hardly believe it to be possible, I now spend … Continue reading → The post Chocolate Popcorn Cookies for The Leftovers Club appeared first on Omeletta ....more

Meatballs and Night Creeping

I’ve started doing the ridiculous things I used to roll my eyes at when I saw other parents do. Like, lately I’ve taken to wandering into the Peanut’s room after she’s gone asleep and stand there staring at her in … Continue reading → The post Meatballs and Night Creeping appeared first on Omeletta ....more

“Cheater” Guacamole, and My Imaginary Parenthood

We are deep in the throes of the peanut’s first emerging tooth and ugggggh. ...more

How I Survived the First Three Months of Motherhood

I feel like I’m emerging out of a fog. ...more

#MyHomeTownGuide – Best Eats in the LIC

After taking time off to chill with my cuddly newborn baby girl, I’m back, nerds! ...more

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup (guest post by Courtney at Neighborfood)

In case you haven’t heard- a cute little fat bundle of Omeletta baby arrived into the world last Saturday morning! I’m kissing cheeks and changing diapers and falling in love with this perfect little creation. ...more

Lavender Madeleines with Lemon Glaze (guest post by Mallory from Total Noms)

The time has come – Baby Time, that is! ...more

Italian Polenta Bake

It’s not even two weeks into 2014, but I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. ...more

Table Scraps 1/11/14

First Table Scraps of the new year, woot woot! ...more

Chocolate, Banana and Buttermilk Muffins for The Leftovers Club

This is the week of pure predictability, as far as I’m concerned. ...more