Chocolate Dipped Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies with Crushed Peppermint

From Omeletta: It was only one year ago that I sat here, hugely pregnant, with no idea what the next year would bring. Who has any idea what to expect their first year as parents, really? You never quite “get” it until … Continue reading → The post Chocolate Dipped Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies with Crushed Peppermint appeared first on Omeletta ....more

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

From Omeletta: October means I can officially get away with wearing sweaters, leggings and boots for approximately six weeks without freezing my butt off while doing it. ...more

Table Scraps 9/30/14

From Omeletta: I was exhausted all the time when the peanut was a newborn but now that she’s a one woman crawling machine, hellbent on destroying our entire apartment in a single sweep? ...more

Autumn Tomato-Gin Soup with Goat Cheese

This tomato-gin soup, with a melty round of goat cheese on top,...more

5 “Must Have” Baby Items I’m Glad We Never Got (And 5 I’m Glad We Did)

Registering for baby gifts when I was pregnant was incredibly stressful for me. ...more

Cantaloupe and Thyme Shrub Cocktail (& 10 Million Moments)

I feel this way at the start of every September: that I turned around and BAM! Summer is (almost) over. ...more

Salty-Sweet Roasted Maple Sugar Almonds

I’ve officially entered into a new stage of motherhood: the Huge Diaper Bag Part. For the first four to five months of her life, I gaily traipsed around town carrying only a normal sized shoulder bag and inwardly rolling my … Continue reading → The post Salty-Sweet Roasted Maple Sugar Almonds appeared first on Omeletta ....more

Adventures in Baby Food

We had issues with food from the start, the peanut and I. Moments after she was born, the delivery room nurse encouraged us to begin breastfeeding, which I did with gusto. ...more

Parsnip Croquettes

Our foray into baby-led weaning If you’re used to spoon-feeding babies, baby-led weaning looks nothing short of total crazytown. ...more

Table Scraps 07/24/14

Gathering another assembly line of dork articles and nerd memes for a new Table Scraps feels like slipping into an old sweatshirt that I haven’t worn since before I was pregnant (and thin!). ...more