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New to the group

Hello just wanted to introduce myself. I am a bio Mom of 4 boys. Adoptive mom of 1 girl and hopefully soon adoptive mom of another girl :)...more

Adoption Reading Challenge 2011

I'm hosting an Adoption Reading Challenge for 2011! There are four levels of "participation." Level 1: Read 3 books about adoption, non-fiction or fiction. Level 2: Read 6 books about adoption, 3 non-fiction/3 fiction. Level 3: Read 12 books about adoption, 6 non-fiction/6 fiction. Level 4: Read 20 books about adoption, 10 non-fiction/10 fiction. ...more

I have no idea what I'll read but I'll definitely join.

BlogHer Community Manager ...more

Open for additions...

I recently had the pleasure of spending time with a dear friend and her adorable daughter. While the kids played under our supervision we were able to catch up on each others lives and be refreshed by some adult conversation. The topic of adoption came up, as it typically does being so close to my heart, and we ventured into discussing how one goes about beginning an adoption. A process so long and intensive can seem overwhelming and unmanageable to anyone looking in from the outside....more

I felt exactly as you did throughout the adoption process! Step 5 is so, so true. It's all you ...more

1st family/birth mother updates

As part of our adoption agreement we went with the "agency standard" of photos and letter every 3 months for the first year and then twice a year until Charlie is 18 years old. Our adoption is considered semi-open; we have met Charlie's first parents (both the birthmother & birthfather) as well as his full sibling plus one half-brother. Charlie's birthmother chose the semi-open adoption; we offered full open adoption (with the support of our agency) to her but she declined it. I am faithful in sending our update letters and photos as promised....more

Hi Elizabeth,
When I write my letters, I prattle on and on. I feel like I have unlimited pages ...more

Whose Story Is It Anyway?

Stemming off of a recent post by Melissa Ford, I pose the question: whose story is it anyway?Obviously, as this is the adoption community, I'm talking about our adoption stories. Karen Walrond is directly quoted in the post as saying that she stopped blogging about her daughter's adoption because it's her daughter's story to tell.Yes.And no. (For me.)...more
Jenna, I loved your light-hear-tedĀ approach to such a temperamental topic, and with such ...more

A Radio Show About Open Adoption

Earlier this afternoon, Dawn of This Womans Work, Brandy of Our Life in the Desert and I, along with an adoption professional, participated in an (Blog Talk Radio) interview with Dawn Davenport of Creating A Family....more

I have a teeny tiny voice (but loud). And I was actually projecting to make my voice louder ...more

Open Adoption Book Tour Choice Announced

I'm a bit late in announcing this here because I've been rather busy. The good news is that the book has been chosen and sign ups are live! The bad news is that I shorted you out of a week of reading. I apologize. ...more

I ended up ordering a copy from Amazon. It arrived this week but I will have to wait to read it ...more

The Back and Forth

I wrote a post just yesterday about how someone claimed that birth parents and adoptees were big bad bullies on the Internet. I actually said that all people (not even parent-type-bloggers) are guilty of making generalizations in their blog posts....more

I can see bitterness all around prospective adoptive parents blogs. Well not at tons of them, ...more

thoughts on pro-life-ness and adoption   I'd love to know your thoughts.   Melissa Mom with 3 kids in towDirector of Girl Scout Relations-FLL Maryland

I won't reply there for fear of being flamed.

I am a birth mother. I am pro-choice. Adoption ...more

Read Adoption Books? Go Vote!

Lori over at the Open Adoption Examiner (and various other awesome blogs) is starting up another leg of the Open Adoption Book Tour. The last one that she hosted was a great experience. Participants read The Primal Wound which was a difficult read for many in the triad. We then submitted our questions. Questions were then split up and emailed out to participants....more

Thanks, Jenna, for rocking the vote on this, and for your kind words.

It's difficult to ...more

Are You Extra Sensitive to Child Abuse/Neglect?

Are you overly sensitive to child abuse or neglect? There is a woman who lives on my street. To be fair to my husband and I and our choices, she didn't live here when we purchased our home. She has been jailed three times in our four years living here and has had her children removed twice. At one point, she put her children in imminent danger. And I was irrationally angry. ...more

Sarah Hammond


Do You Have a Witty Comment?

I've learned over the years that most people who ask offensive questions about my adoption story are simply clueless. Very few ask jugheaded questions with ill-intenet. I know that. But at the same time, sometimes my feathers get all in a ruffle. I want to say something witty! With the appropriate mesh of truth (as that's what they're seeking) and snark (because, omg!). ...more

I have almost slugged some people though.


Once at work a lady I ...more

Favorite Adoption Books!

 I just asked you what your favorite adoption movie(s) were/are and now it's time for my most favorite subject ever: BOOKS! That's right, here's the question: What is/are your favorite adoption related book(s)? ...more

Just saw this book on more

Saying hi!

Hi Everyone,Just wanted to say hello. So excited to be a part of this community. Please come by and visit my blog and check out my Maria ...more

I just joined BlogHer...yesterday! I'm still getting used to navigating around here and was so ...more

Favorite Adoption Movie?

Adoption makes a way into many television shows as of late. Over the past few years my television set has been inundated with the topic even in shows that really should have no connection to the topic. This post, however, is about movies that specifically have an adoption twist. What's your favorite one? Or, on the flip side, which one(s) make you cringe at the thought? ...more

My favorite was too young to be a dad. 15 year old is being pushed into adoption.

Special ...more

Do You Have a Real Life Adoption Support Group

I think this is a very important discussion that we need to have about adoption. Do you have a "real life" adoption support group? ...more

I do but only because I started one. I have gotten amazing support online and our agency has ...more

Sing To Me

Let's kick back the controversy a bit and get into some more bonding! Tell me what your favorite songs are as they relate to adoption as a whole or your personal experience. They don't necessarily need to mention adoption or be written about adoption, mind you. If they conjure up memories, emotions or anything of that nature, share them with us. ...more

I'm a "whatever is playing on the radio" kinda girl so I'm not really cognizent of artists, ...more

Adoption & The Census: Your Thoughts

As I blogged over at Chronicles yesterday, I received our Census form to find that biological and adoptive children have different check boxes. I was immediately angered on behalf of my daughter and her parents and for various reasons concerning myself. I blogged and tweeted about it. Other had similar points of view. ...more

I think gathering the statistics, as imperfect as they are, is helpful to adopted persons as ...more

Does Adoption Define You?

After a recent post here on BlogHer, some conversations were spawned about identity, adoption and other such issues. I figured it would be a great question to pose here, a forum on the site dedicated to such a topic.Briefly: Does adoption define you?And now, the wordy version: Does adoption define and/or affect every last area of your life? Or do you wear many hats, your adoption role being just one of many?...more

I'm a mom.  Plain and simple. 


However, being a mom comes ...more

How Did You Begin Your Research?

Whether you're an adoptive parent, a birth parent or an adoptee, chances are that you've done some research about your particular part in the triad and/or the process. ...more

We looked at all sorts of resources online, but ultimately went to the informational sessions ...more


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