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I jumped into Outlander ...

... and then rolled back out of it. Let me preface my first post in over a month with a warning, sensitive topics ahead ....more

What I've Learned from Blogging

I know that I have been radio silent here and I debated whether it would be pretentious to write this post, but I have read many times about disappointed readers who wondered what happened when a blog just ceased to exist. It seems fitting to be writing this last entry on the seventh anniversary of our move to Huntsville. A few months after the move, I created Team Skelley -- at the time named ...more

Book Review | The Bird and the Sword

I don't think it is a coincidence that my post topics this week can be viewed as escapism. Music and books are both tools that can help us take a break from reality for awhile. I am not normally a fan of fantasy novels (unless they are about a certain boy wizard) but I am a fan of author Amy Harmon so I took a chance on her newest novel, The Bird and the Sword....more

Music to mend a broken heart | St. Paul and the Broken Bones

When I wrote my posts Monday and Tuesday, I didn't contemplate that the news out of Orlando could get any worse. Then it did. Having visited the Grand Floridian last year, I know exactly where that little boy was ....more

T4T | The End of the Line

I was in my formative years when supergroups the Traveling Wilburys and the Highwaymen formed in the late eighties. Even as a young pipsqueak surrounded by eighties pop, I always gravitated towards the music of my parents. I still do ....more


Two days after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, I am still at a loss on how to feel, what to say. As someone who supports both gun control and the LGBT community, it is easy to feel powerless ... helpless ....more

Five Friday Faves | Stuff! Lots of Stuff

Since I have not participated in this linkup lately, I have a plethora of products and items to recommend today in case you feel like a little online shopping this weekend. And who doesn't ever feel like online shopping? Editor's note: It looks like I will have more next week as The Engineer just walked in and informed me that the hair dryer is broken ....more

Thoughts on Thursday | Broken Arm Edition

This week's Thoughts on Thursday is a little different than previous ones. So, we all know I am a planner. I usually map out each day (to the minute, at times) ....more

A Paintball Party

We have a newly minted 12-year-old. With Big Kid's birthday falling on Memorial Day, we knew that many families would be traveling for the holiday weekend. Plus, he and many of his friends graduated from elementary school last week and since they are moving into a new stage -- and we are now parents of a middle schooler (!) -- we decided to do a big birthday/end of elementary school party, ...more

Summer Movie Bucket List

Happy Memorial Day!...more