Turmeric N Spice

Cooking has become my passion in the last  two decades. I enjoy cooking and it is more than mixing ingredients in the right proportion as per the recipe - it is celebrating the pleasure that food brings to our lives.  It is two three years since I started the blog and I have enjoyed every moment of it. This is my space where I can share who I am and what I do best - bringing fresh food to the table -celebrating food. Hope you enjoy my space as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. 

Liquid pan

Or do I call it Paan Milk Shake...more

52 Weeks of creative exposure - week 39

This is probably the last set of images for this year with the gorgeous summer sun. Not only has the temperatures dipped drastically but the angle of sun has definitely changed. It’s most favorable for outdoor photography, but it’s not the summer sun ....more

Avocado Paratha with tomato-prune chutney

Avocado Flat breads This is going to be a picture heavy post. I have not blogged a recipe in the last two weeks so my hands were really itching to create something, on set with camera and in the kitchen.It was cold today (sigh!!!) and I was yearning to eat something warm and hearty - I had seen this recipe in the book - Pure vegetarian By Lakshmi. The book itself is absolutely spectacular, both images and recipes ....more

52 Weeks of creative exposure - Week 38

The last two weeks have been so hectic, I have no idea how I am functioning. Between photography assignments, recipe submissions, laundry, dishes, cooking ….it’s been quite a whirlwind. I sincerely admire people who balance all of this and more with such ease ....more

52 weeks of creative exposure

Week 36 & 37 Hope you guys are having a great weekend, I am back with some images for my 52 weeks of creative exposure. Those new to my blog, I started a journey of taking one image a week for the year 2015. I took upon this personal project to develop my creative eye - expand my capability with creative exposure.Summer coming to a close, I am going overboard with flowers ....more

White on White - A Photography tutorial

How to shoot white objects on a white surface....more

Energy bars - small bars packed with big energy

Last week I connected with an old friend, we spoke to each other after a long time. Time just melted away, it felt that we had never lost touch. Some relationships are effortless, it’s a blessing to have such a friend in your life ....more

Channa Masala Pot Pies

Channa-bhaturey reminds me of Delhi. I was doing my post graduation in marketing and we had this guy, a street vendor who sold channa-bhatura. In the hot summer months, we would stand outside in the heat, on the streets and enjoy the meal ....more

Painting with my lens

Week 3552 Weeks of creative exposure Raised in an art emphasized home, somewhere there is an artist buried deep inside me. ...more

Stuffed Cubanelle Peppers

Cubanelle peppers filled with aromatic potatoes and tofu and roasted with onions and cherry tomatoes. A great vegan side....more