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A Deadline and a Post-it Note

I need to hit some deadlines, a post-it note reminding me to stay on task will help. Won't it? ...more

I wonder how long it took to make that video? It was awesome, BTW. Thanks for sharing, Denise! ...more

Automatic is easier

Hi Everyone, Do you ever find yourself with your hands full of babies?...more

What the heck IS Sex and the City about?

Confession: I've only seen about two full episodes of Sex and the City. When I think about Sarah Jessica Parker, I think "Square Pegs!" - yes I'm old and culturally illiterate. This also means that I don't really understand what I'm reading in the SatC 2 reviews and stuff. Thankfully - this little clip has filled me in on the basics of what Sex and the City is all about. ...more

Try it. You'll like it.more

The Tortoise vs The Hare

I like really scientific experiments like this. ...more

That tortiose was nifty. The rabbit - seemed do what all rabbits do - short attention span and ...more

Pac-Man Takes Manhattan!

Wait! It's not just Pac-Man, it's Tetris and Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. Video Games 1, Manhattan 0. ...more

Though I wasn't a little kid when it came out, heh.

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How Sweet it is To Be Pugged By You!

Here's a deeelightful video from Mandy of Harper's Happenings ... Nothing quite like the charm of a playful doggy and equally playful toddler! And in the words of Mnay herself, "if you don’t squee, you have NO SOUL." ...more



~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

This Could Be Us. You Have Been Warned.

So, this is not technically a "home video"... but I think this video hits close to HOME. For all of us bloggers. This is scary. We need to be careful, fellow bloggers... Please spread the word so this doesn't happen to our fellow BlogHers... *snort* ...more

Lucy Sings, and Has No Idea...

My daughter Lucy sang a new song fpr me that she recently learned. She learned it from her big brother (10) - who's peer group has a certain spite toward the purple dinosaur, Barney. Lucy (4) sounds so sweet. *sigh* She has no idea... ...more

I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny Ingram writes at ...more

Sabrina the Ballerina!

A big "THANK YOU" to my friend Michelle of Jason and Michelle for letting me know about this little gem... and thank you to darling Sabrina... for being the lovely ballerina that she is! ...more

In Which I Think I Can Still Be A Cheerleader

One of my best friends is the office manager at a local private school. It's an arts-based school, grades 6 through 12. They do not have a sports team, nor do they have a cheer squad. My friend Lisa asked if I would join her and help lead a little pep rally the day before a group of kids left for the Knowledge Bowl. I was all, "Whu? Cheering and a stage?! Bring it!" And there began a race to squeeze in a few rehearsals and many viewings of the SNL Cheerleaders - The Chess Tournament episode. ...more

This is a video of four of us playing We Cheer (for the Wii, obviously.)


No Girls Were Harmed in the Making of this Video

I was surfing the BlogHer blog lists and just stumbled into this funny video. ...more

Mine too.

Kids are funny. ;-)


~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

If Hitler Gave Me A Wax Job

This is a must-see! Born of the finest of humor... the boniest of funny bones! Jessica of Bernthis... is brilliant. And I am never gonna get my "down there" waxed. Not ever... ...more

I Wish I Had A Video Of Me Losing the Post I Just Lost - My Introduction

I wasn't laughing, but I think the people in the coffee shop might be laughing at me. I just lost my original post. I'm smart like that.I do not keep my disappointment to myself, thus an entertained coffee shop in my hometown. You know the best videos are the ones involving unfortunate circusmtances. Like pants falling down or a good face plant. I did neither here, but I DID throw my hands up over my head and shouted-ish, "Oh. MAN!" It was probably louder than I think. I have my ear buds in. You know how that goes...*takes deep breath*...more



You'd better not... in a pear tree...

Can you see our Kristy there on there on the right? Awesome, right? ...more

Kristy this rocks....Sorry just seeing now :) so funny. Your voice is wonderful and the ...more

Her comedy debut....

Mona from kirida dot com, at Comedy Underground. ...more

Baby Mamas (Put a Sling On 'Em)

Leigh, from Marvelous Kiddo has the funniest video I've seen in AGES. You must watch. ...more

TW keeps humming it which causes my head to chant "all the single babies" - which errrr ...more


I'm a Heather B Armstrong fan. I will not apologize for that. Surely you don't expect an apology, not when there's this brilliance: ...more

Equal parts horrifying and awesome. She she totally be an extra in the next direct-to-dvd ...more

A blast from the past

I will never ever forget reading this post, from Jenny at Three Kid Circus... clicking into this dinosaur thing her son was working on... and LMAO for the rest of the day. Go look, listen. You're laughing too aren't you? Look at the date on that post. Four. Years. Ago. How did that happen? ~~Denise ...more

I think I saw Jenny do that at BlogHer. I'm kidding. I think.more

Friendship - the outtakes

This video comes from Jenny on the Spot and her friend Lisa from Blozulfog ...more


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