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Generation X: We're Here and We've Reached 40!

I'm new to BlogHer.  As a young-at-heart 50 year-old Generation X-er, I wanted to start a community for the older women of Generation X.  We're reached middle-age (how did that happen)?  Our POV and Voice is different than the Boomers.To get this community & conversation started, here are some recent articles about Gen X:...more
I don't identify with the Boomers (I'm on the cusp--born in 1962). I love Pearl Jam, President ...more

To Self Publish or Not

  Has anyone had a book published? Did you do self-publishing? If so, which company did you use? How was your experience? I'm considering having a children's book self-published but have heard it might ruin the crediblity of the book because I had to do it myself. Anyone know anything? Thanks ...more
I am self-debating with this exact topic right now. After two years of writing my first book ...more

Anyone write for the Examiner?

Anyone have any experience with Examiner.Com?I've been writing motherhood articles for with them for a bit. Made only $25 in the last several months.Any other folks out there doing this? Would love to compare experiences. TeriBy the way, I'm the Motherhood Examiner for my area. My page is here.  ...more

Give a try. It's free to register and you set your own rates by bidding on projects. ...more

BlogOutreach: Which Mom Sites Like to Review Apps?

I'm doing a guerilla marketing outreach for Sleeping WIth the Laundry. I'm asking mom bloggers to review my app. Which mom sites would you recommend who like to review apps.   Best, Margee Moore Blogger at and author of the iPhone app, Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track.  A five star star rated a...more
Did you receive any feedback on your request? I am curious too.. more

Market Like a Mother: Share Your App Marketing Ideas

Hello!   I'm so excited that my app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track is out on the apple store. But with over 185,000 apps out there, sales are slow. So what's a mom to do. Do you all have any marketing ideas. I'm going to make postcards for the next big mom conference and hand them out. Car sign is another idea.    Do you all have any additional ideas.   Best, MoxieMom...more

I just shared it on my Facebook page so maybe that will help out a little :) ...more


If you're interested in the topic of becoming a better writer and making your blog more about the quality of the writing than anything else, you might be interested in the {W}rite of Passage group. {W}rite-of-Passage Visit me at Somebody Heal Me: The Musings of a Chronic MigraineurFollow me on Twitter @somebodyhealme...more

"Postcards from Italy" Workshop

Join me in enchanting Tuscany, 9/4-9/11, for wine, food, art, & writing + cooking class while we stay in a charming villa in the heart of Chianti country. ...more

I've always wanted to go to a writing conference in an exotic locale. (sigh)


This may interest people a newsletter i use

Why You Write

I'm new to the group. Just wanted to share what writing does for me and why I love it. I have a post titled "Following My Bliss" on Specifically: Income and career aside, why do you write? Erana      ...more

I write to make sense of things, to release, because I am overwelmingly compelled to:)more

Authors can use social media to become gatejumpers

Here’s the link to my fifth article “Authors can use social media to become gatejumpers” on  It’s been a fun week writing articles. Check me out next week  for more articles. Enjoy your weekend! Peace and Creativity, Ananda ...more

Nice article. I'm still trying to figure out how to make that work, but fame via social media ...more

Live Chat this morning with Helen Epstein

Will you be attending the online event at 11 am EST with Helen Epstein? Epstein is author of five books, a literary journalist, and a writing teacher. If you can't attend, please post a question or a comment that you'd like Kim to share with Ms Epstein. ~~Denise ...more

Taken any good classes lately?

I have yet to take a writing or english class since I did a semester at Temple in Fall '07.  I really miss it, and since I've started writing professionally I feel I could really benefit from some formal education.  I will be going back to school in the spring, but in the mean time I would love to take some classes (preferably) online.  Any suggestions that don't cost an arm and a leg?......Or even some exercises and feedback sessions??  ...more

I'll be trying out a writing course at called Food Writing Boot Camp. I'll ...more

I need some honest feedback

I'm writing a work of nonfiction in a nontraditional way. I am wondering if there is anyone in the group who would be willing to look at a very rough draft and give me some gut reactions and constructive criticism?   If so, answer here, or email me at ...more


I'll give you an honest feedback, e mail me ...more

What are you looking for?

I'm so excited that a few other people have already joined! I know there are a lot of us wishing for the same thing, so I hope this can be a place to create that for ourselves. What are you looking for from this group? Let it rip! ...more

Hello, Cynthia! I'm glad to see someone checking in with this group. We haven't really been ...more


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