for Lauren and Lauren

My name is Katie and I blog at for Lauren and Lauren.  My blog is a mix of fashion, projects and my life! My blog was first created for my sister Lauren and sister in law Lauren. I am a wife, Jesus follower, runner, crafter, clearance clothes finder and sweets lover!

We are thankful

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving greatly. ...more

Dear Lauren and Lauren,

Dear Lauren and Lauren,...more

Pumpkin Patch

I know it's snow and Christmas now, but better late than never right? ...more

Good and Bad

cardigan: c/o...more

Blanket? Poncho? Who cares.

poncho: c/o shein...more

Weeks 23 & 24

I feel like time is starting to go much quicker! I think that comes with this time of the year, which I'm always happy if it would slow down a little. ...more

It's time to cut myself off

sweater & vest: old navy ...more

Our Cinderella

Last Halloween kind of felt like a bust. ...more

Times Two

vest: tjmaxx ...more

Addi Says What . . . . . 28 months

It's been awhile since I've done an Addilyn update. ...more